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Started by Paintcheck, 03-01-2010

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Well we've been operating quite successfully for about a month now so I figured I'd post this in here and see if we can get enough supports for our own shiny sub forum.

((Alright so I've been noticing a huge lack in bandit activity recently which I think is partially due to a lack of organization and a lack of decent equipment to arm the bandits with so they can actually survive trying to rob someone. Figured I'd try and start one up))

To join this faction bandit flags would be nice to have (ie you should have donated) but they are not necessary. I will not be giving anyone flags for joining.

Faction Name: Birds of Prey
IC Name: Sergei "Hawk" Fedorov
Purpose: To get a well-organized and decently equipped bandit force operating again. I will supply them with Hawk's extensive finances and resources (him being the bandit faction trader and all). After we get some recruits I hope to get the slaving ring operating again as well. Right now though we'll just focus on building strength.

After several years in the Zone as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R, (as well as a year in a Ukranian prison for being captured S.T.A.L.K.I.N.G), Hawk decided there was more money to be had trading than actually looking for artifacts. Safer too. Using contacts outside the country to smuggle in Russian military surplus, Hawk was able to start a small trading post. Operating away from bars and other "bastions of civilization" (or what passed for civilization in the Zone), Hawk quickly developed a roaring trade with bandits and other individuals who would be shot/executed/imprisoned/tortured/otherwise inconvenienced by the factions that controlled the bars and outposts. The bandits in turn helped fund Hawk's shop, bringing NATO weapons, artifacts, alcohol, and drugs to the table in exchange for guns and load bearing gear.

After a while, once Hawk had enough capital to fund some real muscle, he hired outside mercs and experienced bandits to captured S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs to sell as forced labor in the numerous projects the factions had to complete in the Zone. The slaving business was a huge success at first, earning Hawk over 250,000 rubles in profit. However, with increased military patrols and more and more smugglers bringing better gear into the Zone, many of the bandits and slavers that worked for Hawk were killed. Hawk's income decreased drastically. There was no one left who would even try to rob others, even in exchange for free guns and even fewer who would agree to slave. Hawk realized his sporadic attempts at enticing wandering S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs and small time bandits into joining his crew wouldn't cut it. He needed to organize...

Alright boys there's only a few rules here because I figure you're all either smart enough to operate without fucking anything up too bad or you're all too stupid to live without more guidance and will shortly die anyway. The penalty for breaking any of these will be severe and may include death, mauling, amputation, beating, death, burning, death, shooting, death, and/or slavery.

IC Rules:
1. Thou shalt not steal from fellow members of the Birds of Prey.
2. Thou shalt not resell equipment Hawk has given to you/sold to you near cost for a profit to other traders or S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs.
3. Thou shalt not take slaves of or rob S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs coming to trade at the camp or too close to camp. It's bad for business if someone comes wanting to buy a slave/sell some equipment and gets it stolen from him.

((Alright I'm going to try something a little different to this slave business. Players that have been captured and agree to RP as a slave for a bit will be listed here. Due to timezones/activity it might be hard to get slaves/masters together at the same time so the first few transactions will likely be "RP-paying-me" money and both parties can figure it out on their own. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work and I'll stop trying. Interested buyers can PM or SF me if they want to "buy" and hopefully we can pair people up. I'll also announce specials I might be having should I ever get active enough to do that))

OOC Rules:

1. This is an RP faction first. I hope both the bandits in this group and the people we rob will realize that and not be so petty as to do stupid shit for the "E moniez". If you rob someone and they want to RP giving you money or an artifact they may not actually possess, that's fine with me. This is more about RP than anything else. That being said if people do stupid shit to get out of being robbed (ie kill themselves, suicidally charge like 5 people just so they die without having to RP/pay up) then I will start PKing people.

2. Spread out your targets. Do not rob the same loner who is brand new to the server 5 times in 20 minutes. That's not fun for him.

3. Do not take everything the target has. This is about RP not about E rubles like I said before. If you find someone willing to go along with the RP then settle for whatever they give you. Don't take personal weapons or suits unless the player consents or the weapon spawns from a flag (ie feel free to steal AK74s from the milifags because they respawn with them).

Any questions, suggestions, or criticism is appreciated! Please SF me or PM me though so the thread doesn't get uber cluttered as I plan to recruit in here.

Current Roster:
Paintcheck - Hawk (Leader)
Amontillado - Senka Vadari (Coleader)
Sniper 3124 - Raven
Mangoman - Kronus
Griffen - Eagle
Esther - Esther Vamio (Slave)
Killabreu - Faust (Random associate)
Chernobyl Hedgehog - Dark



So far, The RP and Experience is great! And this group has been bumping the activity of bandits on the server.



Really like the group. We all work together, and we are on all the time. RP experience has been great as well. Another thing I noticed is we are really the only Bandit group active at this time.


Great faction, helped me out when I hired them




+Support  Bandit groups are few and far between, and this is a very good group.
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Just wanted to say Thanks to everyone who supports us. Means a lot knowing we doing such a good job.


+ Support

We need more Serious bandit groups who don't DM.



Seems like the only bandit group that is decent enough to RP right now, seen a few of you around.


7 Supports almost halfway there! Thanks everyone.


+support  I like how we dont just shoot on sight, and it is well organized.


+ support, heard good things about you


I'm kind of questioning this about all Pending threads now.

Can you really support the faction your IN?

Also, +Support, made 200K RU in the slave trader with Paint already,



We really need some bandits and need to make stalkers scared to go out into the wilderness from populated areas. Sounds fun and I may try and join in with your RP some time :D



We need moar bandit groups well besides the ones that DM
Four Eyes is nice. - Military Faction Simple Medical Guide



sorry for posting it in the wrong area before. D:

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Quote from: Griffen on 01-02-2010
+Support Badass group my friend, I will join it, I have a bandit character looking for a group anyways, Allt he best bro :)

From the other topic. That's 14 supports, only 1 more!


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+Support cause its good :)
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That's still 15 supports even with your no season - suppport.


i gives teh supports The whole "HGN SA" should sorta give it away that this groups only way to fail is inactivity, which I hope it wont be affected by =o

Edit: You only have my support if you arent going to spam the /me raises gun "DROP TEH WEPON STALKER" roleplay, other stuff...passive, the odd robbery, making people walk into fields of anomalies to get artifacts from there dead remains and just other stuff other than robber spam, usually thats what Bandit groups are...just a big gang of people that want to rob people of there gear with little to no RP.


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+Support Just because paint posted it!


+Support for the idea!


I don't see any BoP on.
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