Be on the look out for....

Started by Tunddruff, 16-09-2009

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Poxkillerd - Thomas Creed (Scout)

He did not listen to what I said about undercover. He said he is "Off Duty". This isnt HL2Rp. Its the Zone. You dont go off duty.

If you see him. Deflag him.



Be slow with him. He's new to SRP and only played HL2 RP before...


Still. He agreed to my "No undercover" thing. Then he just go into a bandit jacket and sets his title to "Freedom|Off Duty"

Its disgraceful to freedom to have such filth in my faction.


Catch 22 they go off Duty to avoid being raped from other factions.(Need to learn to lay low in places eh) And yet again if they do that it hurts faction activity D:.