Be Free - The Death of Vasily Petrov

Started by Paintcheck, 04-08-2009

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((Alright in my quest to fill these forums with my shoddily-written IC pieces here comes one for my Freedomer, Vasily Petrov who was CK'd this afternoon. If your character is mentioned in here and you feel like I messed up an aspect of him/her, let me know and I will rectify it immediately. I hope you guys like this!
I actually really liked Vasily as a character a lot because I felt he was not the hard core, snork-eating, bloodsucker-molesting killing machine that a lot of S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs RP as. Unfortunately for him that led to his (rather violent) death))

It was not a heroic death by any means, nor particularly brave. It was a horrible way to die, messy and painful. And it's very likely that no one in the Zone gave a flying fuck that a 19 year old farm boy met his end screaming in agony at the point of 6 inches of cold military steel.

It started on a day just like any other in the Zone, the warm sun shining down on the dust thrown up by the odd anomaly. In other places a day like this might even be called pleasant. Across the field leading to the town a fairly unremarkable man walked. "Man" is barely the correct word to describe Vasily Petrov's 19 years on Earth. The only son of a peasant family from the Ukraine, Vasily was captivated by stories of the Zone speaking of riches to be had and a life of freedom and adventure. He had been in the Zone for nearly a year now and still enjoyed exploring the far reaches of the place with fellow Freedomers. Life was good, except for military brigades that seemed to enjoy repressing random S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs

The thought of the military made Vasily's chest hurt and he absent-mindedly touched the Military brand on it. With any luck that score would be settled today. He slung his AKS74U over his shoulder and pulled the borrowed trench coat closer, flipping the hood up to make sure no one recognized him. He doubted that any of the soldiers would know who he is, but that sadistic fuck of a Colonel or his right hand man, Major Nikolai Yurdansky, might have recognized the man they branded. And that wouldn't do.

Trying to look as unthreatening as possible, Vasily approached the gate, mumbling to the guard about wanting a drink from the Bar. He stepped inside and began searching for the Colonel. He didn't have to look long, nearly tripping over the man as he stepped through the gate. The Colonel was sitting by the fire with...a women? Vasily shrugged, he could be as patient as this required. He took a seat near the fire as close as he could to the Colonel without raising suspicion and waited....

..And waited. The sun was low in the sky and still the Colonel had barely moved still cuddling with his...girlfriend? by the fire. Vasily grew nervous, he couldn't sit here much longer without someone taking notice. Vladimir finally seemed to notice him.

"What's up, S.T.A.L.K.E.R?" he asked.

Vasily's heart nearly stopped as he struggled to hide his nervousness. He mumbled something about warming up by the fire, hoping the Colonel had been too busy with the women to remember that he had been warming himself by the fire for nearly 2 hours. Vasily breathed a sigh of relief when Vladimir lost interest in him and went back to his woman. Vasily continued to wait, making a supreme effort to contain his rage at being unable to strike for so long.

Finally his chance came. The female mumbled something, picked up her rifle, and walked out. The Colonel dozed off. The sentries were down the street and the ones at the gate were busy interrogating a new arrival who was attempting to get to the Bar. Vasily quietly unsheathed his knife, hoping to be quiet enough that no one would notice. He brought the knife up, anticipating the sweet taste of vengeance once his task was complete. The knife came down...

...and buried itself deep in Stovky's shoulder, missing his neck. Vasily cursed. The Colonel had picked the worst possible time to snap awake and his sudden lurch to his feet caused Vasily to miss the killing blow. The Colonel cried in alarm and pain as Vasily yanked the bloody knife out and ran for the sentry's stairs to the wall. He reached the wall in 3 bounds, expecting to be shot in the back as he sprinted away but the soldiers were apparently too confused about what had happened and simply watched. The Freedomer dove over the wall, landing hard, his hood falling off as he leaped. Staggering to his feet, Petrov ran for the tunnel to Sector 3 and safety.

To his surprise, Vasily was not shot in the back and reached Sector 3 safely. He tore the bloody trench coat off and stuffed it into his pack and put on his Freedom suit. With any luck no one had ID'd him. He strolled into Freedom's base to find a mercenary just leaving. The merc approached him. Vasily reached for his AK.

The merc chuckled and explained that he wanted to shake the hand of the man who had stabbed the Colonel. Vasily was surprised that news had traveled that quickly. Wary, Vasily replied that he didn't know what the merc was talking about. That excuse might have worked had the bloody trench coat sleeve not been sticking out of Vasily's pack. The merc pressed him about it and Vasily saw no more sense in lying. The merc seemed to be one of the few not sucking the military's cock for work so Vasily admitted his deed. The mercenary seemed impressed and told Vasily that his band might have a job for him. Vasily, feeling sure of himself agreed to meet the merc group. He followed the mercenary through the S2 tunnel and over to the S1 tunnel. The merc told Vasily to wait outside and that he'd make sure no soldiers were in the area. Vasily figured that was a good plan and waited for the mercenary to come back.

Presently the merc stepped back through the tunnel, telling Vasily that all was quiet on the Western Front. He stepped back through the tunnel and Vasily followed, walking closely behind the merc...

...and straight into the waiting firearms of a military squad. "You SON OF A BITCH!" Vasily cursed at the merc as he was shoved against the concrete, relieved of his weapons, and tightly handcuffed. The merc laughed and slung his rifle as the squad headed back to base.

Vasily was brought to a cell and shackled to a chair. He hung his head as he heard the heavy foot falls of what could only be the Colonel in his Exo skeleton. The Colonel stepped inside, followed by the same asshole who had branded Petrov with an arc welder a few months before. Following him came Stovsky's girlfriend. The Colonel glared at Vasily through his breath mask.

"Better luck next time" he sneered.

"I hope it hurt," said Vasily, furious at himself for not killing the man.

The Colonel replied, "Yes it hurt a lot".

"We're even then," Vasily said.

"Even? Who are you?"

"Pull my shirt off," said Vasily.

The Major unsheathed his knife and sliced the garment off of the prisoner. In the dim light the pale burn scars on Vasily's chest seemed to glow, proclaiming his allegiance to Freedom and his stupidity at having crossed the military. The Major laughed, as did the Colonel. Vasily lowered his head again.

"Well Freedomer I have nothing else to say to you, but she does," said Vladimir, gesturing to his girl friend.

With a predatory smile she stepped up to the Freedomer. With blinding speed her leg swept up and crashed against Vasily's head sending him and the chair skidding across the cell floor and into the wall. Vasily moaned softly, the pain made worse by the unexpectedness of is.

"Stand him back up," ordered the woman.

The major dragged the beaten Freedomer back to the corner. Vasily slumped down into the chair. The woman again brought her foot up and snapped it out in between Vasily's legs, causing him to gasp in agony as the air left him in a whoosh. He sputtered and coughed, pleading with the women to stop. She unsheathed a knife and placed it flat against his elbow.

"This is what you get for hurting the man I love!" she cried as she jammed the blade into the nerve bundle. Vasily screamed louder than a starving bloodsucker who had cornered prey, its reverberations echoing around the chamber as he passed out from the pain. The women jammed an adrenaline syring into Vasily's thigh to wake him back up.

Vasily's arm was on fire as he panted, unable to scream or even speak as his vocal chords gave out from the agony of the previous cut. He whispered hoarsly, "" but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The women yanked his head back by his hair and brought the knife up.

"Time to go bye bye, Freedomer. Be free!" snarled the woman.

With that the knife came down through Vasily's throat severing his jugular and nearly beheading him. His head sagged forward. As he struggled to take his last breath through his severed trachea, his last thoughts were of home.


Amazing story Paintcheck, this is a work of art!


Yes, brilliant. Sad to hear that though :(


Awsome sotry i really like how i'm portrated :P And the Merc thing That was brilliant i had no idea how my guys finaly got you. Anyway It was some of the best rp i have seen in a very very long time.
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Quote from: Locke on 04-08-2009
Amazing story Paintcheck, this is a work of art!
Quote from: ISPYUDIE on 05-08-2009
Yes, brilliant. Sad to hear that though :(
Guess who gave him the trenchcoat :D
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Too bad my crashes and the snapshot overflows at that time both prevented me from being there when it happened. :(

It was nicely written ! With one or two typos though.. :3
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Quote from: Radek on 05-08-2009
Awsome sotry i really like how i'm portrated :P And the Merc thing That was brilliant i had no idea how my guys finaly got you. Anyway It was some of the best rp i have seen in a very very long time.

I saw the merc thing coming from a mile away but I went with it anyway because that's how Vasily is. My new Freedomer is going to be an asshole on par with Cobra's Nikita/Anna Sergwhateverthelastnameis.

Thanks for all the kind words guys.


I know It's old but i just cant stop reading this it's so awsome.
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Lawl. Ninja editted it the other day because I realized I wasn't paying attention and referred to Vladimir Stovsky as "Radek" every mention. Changed the name tot he proper character.



Wow I liked this thing alot, hope my sniper for hire doesn't end in the same way, though I can't really do anything right now with my pistol :/


Sad, yes... Awsome? Oh hell yes!!
Paint you are soo good at this Dont stop making them!
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Well I had a good one for Freedom (actually it was my Freedom leader app) but because I didn't win Freedom's leader spot (and because I kill off a lot of people who ended up actually coming back to Freedom in it) it will need to ether be retconned or scrapped. Or I could post it here for fun and it just won't be considered canon for my characters like this story and my bloodsucker story is. I don't know, PM me if you want to read it.

Working on another bloodsucker one with guest appearance by Thy (and anyone else who wants to be in it who I have interacted with on my sucker)


Oh THANK GOD this got backed up
* Paintcheck saves it to word immediately.


HEll yea! Just couse of that.. I'm gona read it again.
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I came . . . To your epic failure at succeeding with the knifey-knifey stabby-stabby.

What have I done . . . .  ?


Uh...I think you came to one of my character's deaths. I think you need help.

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Oh man, excellent piece of work, I must applaud your effort and commitment to roleplay.



That's my next "epic" if anyone's interested.


Simply amazing writing done here I'd love to take this and make it a machinama. If I had time for another one.  :P
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You are making me want to join freedom because military simply doesn't give a damn who they kill or what they do.
I know that the guy who attacked him was freedom. So far military has been giving it self a bad name. At least for me.

Other than that. Excellent story.


I love your stories Paint :P