Bandit Trading Announcements

Started by Paintcheck, 19-10-2009

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((Alright I'm going to try something a little different to this slave business. Players taht have been captured and agree to RP as a slave for a bit will be listed here. Due to timezones/activity it might be hard to get slaves/masters together at the same time so the first few transactions will likely be "RP-paying-me" money and both parties can figure it out on their own. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work and I'll stop trying. Interested buyers can PM or SF me if they want to "buy" and hopefully we can pair people up. I'll also announce specials I might be having should I ever get active enough to do that))

Scrawled across the top in messy handwriting

I can bring people back from the DEAD ((This is not a joke, I have 1 Life Water artifact. I can bring back your PK'd characters))

Posted on the front of the Warehouse is a beat up bulletin board. On it are several yellowing pages and a few recent-looking laminated sheets. One of the sheets is labled Current Inventory. On it are the names of slaves for sale.

Current Inventory

There are a few names, but they are crossed out

In the same messy scrawl as above:
Need slaves more than ever. Buying for thousands each for the next 3 days only. (( Haven't had time to get on recently to flesh out the RP reason for me needing a shit load of slaves so...this will last indefinitely))

Dark Angel

Good , but well slavery shouldn't be TEMP >:V if you area slave then you will stay one till you Die , Escape , Get Freedumb!


That's the idea. When I say "For a bit" I mean what you said. Obviously it doesn't make sense to sell someone a slave for like 2 hours.

Wazer Wifle

The Military essientially kicked Freedom's ass out of the warehouse for trying shit, not sure if they are still there though. Soooo......


Stop spamming my thread. I can't update this the minute stuff happens. Obviously I will change things as stuff in game happens.


Could I get a mod to clean out all these useless posts please?

Cortez I don't know whether I find that statement more laughable or more insulting. Get me on SF if you want to talk about this otherwise I'll thank you to remove that groundless accusation.

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What do you want to remove? I'll delete all the useless posts.


Everything past your post under the main announcement please. Especially Coretz' retarded comment.


Sorry Paintcheck that was me being pissy again.

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I'll just lock it maybe? Then people won't bitch about post-count going down >:V


Its good to have all different traders for factions. It would be cool to have a feature where traders for factions could only sell stuff for that faction, or just stuff the faction prefers