Autoplay music in a thread

Started by Bagelz, 25-10-2009

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How do you make a hidden auto-play function that forces an MP3 or youtube page to play upon entering?

I know SK made a few for the new leader threads, but  I could never figure it out.


Yeah I was wondering that when I was makeing my reavers post.


Noone wants to be forced to hear crap :)
I chill quite often.



Sorry Dont know Either.
Freedom all day BITCHES!


haha agree with the other guy, i dont know how many times i've been forced to take off my headsets to to gay music starting to spam when i join a cs server -.-
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I think SK hid a youtube video behind the image. But how he made it auto-play I'm not completely sure.


Not too sure, he's a sneaky one alright...

I inspected the element but when I copy paste it, no worky.



Nope, I'll try again

God damn it keeps converting the code into a URL, anyways, here's a site that may help-


Yep, always converting it to a URL. Seems SK uses a custom ballsac or some shit and jazz.