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Started by klp4, 23-11-2009

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Alright people, the time has come and we need some freshblood in the Union. It's time for new ways, new ideas and a a new leader.

When Bagelz first gave me leader over the Union, I was abit surprised, but I was also happy. I saw a chance to help out the faction, to try out some new ideas and to keep pushing myself.
I admit, there have been some moments when I've just felt like "taking the day off" and not doing any of the work  that comes with being the leader of a faction. Sometimes, you feel like you can go on for hours, and sometimes, you just want to go offline and forget about it.

I know that I've succeded with some of the work and fullfilled some of my ideas regarding the Union, but above all, I do hope that I've been an okay leader to you guys and that you're happy with my time as the leader over the Union.

Thank you all for being a really awesome group of people. It's been a pleasure working for you.
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Rwr btw.. Eeh.. And Joinks! he is mine nowz!
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We are currently unsure if I should be named leader, we will talk to Silver about it, and I know I already lead a faction, but offer your opinions on him leaving and me taking over if you have any. This isn't the most pleasant of leavings I understand, and I know some of you may not like the idea of me leading two factions. Again, offer your opinions. Silver may not like this or may not care, we will see.


Well... I support Zero as the TU Leader if he wants to be. And bye Klp :(.


Zero was a good TU dude last time.


KLP4 is apparently deciding a new leader, I just hope I can get along with him.


Yeah uhm, support for Zero.


Suggestion how about having no leader and doing a new system? Like everyone votes on things :P That way each trader has his/hers own independence but they are still in relation to the union. (Just a suggestion) Anyways my support for Zero.


Quote from: Cobra on 23-11-2009
Suggestion how about having no leader and doing a new system? Like everyone votes on things :P
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I support Zero for leader if he can manage leading two factions at once.

Dark Angel

Bad idea Klp :V

But you can always hand it over to me >=D


im not sure if zero can handle to factions or not, but hes doing okay with monolith. i do think we should atleast pull someone from in the faction to lead, other than zero just in case... Just not Dark Angel  :) (jay kay)

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