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Started by Paintcheck, 22-02-2010

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Alright I posted this in the admin room but I figured the normal players might want to add their 2 cents to this as well

Now that the artifact system has been fixed numerous players have suggested that the spawn time be decreased. Right now it is so high that I've seen maybe 3 artifacts total since the wipe. I realize that the point is to keep the economy in some semblance of balance but I think more could be gained from having slightly more common artifacts than would be lost by people having more money. The server was packed when the artifact glitch was going on because new players could make money and get weapons and suits quickly. While they did so probably too quickly, I think there can be a lot of good from making money easier to get.

I would suggest making artifacts spawn like every 15-30 minutes but decrease the price of them all. Crap artifacts would be worth like 500 and things like Flashes would be worth like 1000+ still since they actually do stuff (but keep their spawn time a little higher, like an hour or so). That way players have a source of money that isn't reliant on the whim of traders to make busy work and would encourage exploration. This would allow new players to make money and give incentives to explore as well as prevent people getting bored when no traders are on/no one has any missions. It would also ease the burden on traders to handle 5 STALKERs buying ammo and 5 more demanding missions.


This sounds like a good idea. Mostly because artifacts really are a greater part of the STALKER universe, and should really be in the server more often. The only real problem there seems to be with having too many is how much someone can make off of one, but decreasing the price will fix that TOO.


Hell yeah ! I never saw an artifact after the wipe, This is one good idea.


K so I started a new game of ShoC and I walked outside and up a hill and found four artifacts.

Come on now.



In my 1 month and a bit of being on the server i have never come across an artifact that hasn't come from that bug we had.


I never saw an artifact after the artie-generating anomalies.
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I still think maybe one artifact every hour per ten people (to eliminate people getting 20 because nobody is on but them at 3) and one stash with a basic weapon and ammo every thirty minutes.


Anomolies right now only can be spawned by admins so the odds of 1 player being on with anomolies present is pretty low.


^ Except the server tends to stay up without crashes or resets for quite a while after most people have gone to bed.


The Artifacts are one of the best things on the server...It takes 4 hours to spawn a Artifact
Lower the Price and Lower the spawn time of them please.



I'm practically a newbie, but I have never seen one artifact, whether in the hands of a STALKER or a trader.  And especially not out in the open.

Innokenti Katya


+support. That is all.


What the fuck are these 'Artifacts' you speak over?
Never have I once seen them on the server since I came back.


Massive support +++

Artifacts are a neccesary, and vital piece to the playerbase and the canon of Stalker. They play a massive role, and in a sense make *Stalker* what it is. Loners want them, military wants them, USS agents want them, scientists, ecologist, bandits, mercenaries, rookies, everyone wants them, and there is no denying the fact that everyone and their mother knows that they hardly ever spawn, if at all.

They make you look powerful. They make you feel powerful. For a videogame, that's a pretty great feat all in itself. They posses a certain *aura*, or *power*, and seem to change the tide of battle quickly if used in the right hands.


I'd wish that this would get accepted by SK.. but that won't happen.


The artifact spawn time will be increased in a few weeks when the artifact, suit, and radiation system is actually done. At the moment some artifacts make you run at super speed, and others set your armor to zero. Also, some are worth twenty thousand rubles and some are worth fifty, so having them spawn at a constant rate would suck for traders, and it would ruin the combat. And even if the artifacts were all finished right now, you need radiation in order to add negative effects, and even if radiation was done, you need suits in order to scale that damage properly.


You didn't read the whole post. The prices would come way down so artifacts would only be worth like 2-500 ish for the ones that don't do anything and the spawn times of the ones that do do stuff wouldn't change.


The new artifact system should be coming within a month. If we have artifacts spawning normally, and the prices are all dependant on how good they are in the script, when we fix the artifacts, prices will fluctuate and people have the chance to tip the economy in their favor (ie, buy artifacts worth 500, the artifacts get fixed and are now worth 5000, resell for a large profit.)


+support I like the proposal, as I have yet to even see an artifact aside the props during an Eco mission or something.
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Support, I don't see anything negative coming from a decrease in spawn times.
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