Arena Championship [15/08/09]

Started by Blake.H, 07-08-2009

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Alright Im going to be holding an Arena champoinship on the 15th August at....
18:00 GMT+0
13:00 EST
Work the rest out yourself.

Just show up at the areana at the desiganated fight and tell us what you want to do.

Matches (In order of play):
Knife Brawl - 5 to 10 contestants - Prize: German Merc suit and 15,000 roubles.
Rifle Championship - Prize: Skat 6, OC Groza and a Meatchunk artifact.
Pistol Championship - Prize: Deagle, M1911, Sig p220 and 12,000 roubles.
*NEW* 10 round Grab The Groza - Prize: 16,000 roubles And an OC Groza

10 Round grab the Groza Rules:
A groza, a few Kabars and a P99 are hidden somewhere in the Arena. Two contestants look for the weapons to kill the opponant, they are free to fire/attack as soon as they get a weapon.


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Epic, I may take part.


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I will try this, It looks cool.

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Sounds excellent, I'll try to be there.


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