Animation Glitch/Bugs

Started by RAPTOR, 06-02-2010

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Im getting really pissed at the Ass sliding/T posed people walking around.
seems like im the only one having the problem.
Its pissing me off hard.
I chill quite often.


Not to get off topic but I mean holy shit is that you nails.


It's a bug,, Try to redownload the Main pack ?


maybe it's because i don't have css bought on my account and i just transfered the models,materials,sounds to my gmod dir.
I chill quite often.


Ass sliding is because people use /sit and respawn


nah i figured the problem and fixed it.
was how i extracted CSS by GCF it copied the animations so i removed the playermodels/animation stuff.
all is good now.
I chill quite often.


I have CSS bought, but when people sit they act like they are noclipped, and when they bring out a gun they side step when they arent moving...Animations are broken for me :/
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