Admins: For the good of HGN, listen.

Started by Locke, 12-09-2009

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I am sick of you fighting. Admins should not fight with each other.
This is directed to the following: Cobra, Tea, Fluffy Tundruff and now Nines, since he's been dragged into it.
I offer the following advice that you should listen to if you wish to "Do well" in HGN.

- Do not flame each other, ever.

- Do not post private chats without consent from all sides.

- Everyone shares the duty of tooltrust apps from now on. Cobra has offered to do TT

- Dont tell anyone how to lead their faction directly, you can offer advice if they want to hear.

- Please oh please don't argue with each other, this leads to whole communities being torn apart. If the players see us arguing you can bet on them taking sides in the fight and then they'll have favorite admins who they worship and hated admins who they'll ignore all instructions from. If we cannot get along as an admin team, what hope does this community have.

- Be nice for crying out loud.
If you care about HGN, you will work towards ammends.


I'd think the only reason I am still here is because I care for HGN... Considering I almost left today... Also I am still managing TT forums I don't want other people to fuck it up...


Well, I wasn't fighting, but thanks for making a point Locke. I was helping calm the situation. Cobra seems a bit better now.


I just want/need all of us to be friends.



Im going to go ahead and take myself off there cause... I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. Tunddruff only put my chat there because i was asking him to keep an eye on his boys so... Cobra/Tunny should be the only one's on there.


EDIT: I also took off someone who shouldnt even be up there.


Funny how everyone loves me and doesn't Hate me.
Cos i aint a Bitch,Just chill everyone.
I chill quite often.


Go away!


EDIT: YAY 300th post ^.^