A Pilgrimage

Started by Duranblackraven, 18-02-2010

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**A PDA sits on Goliath's worktable, most his things gone and the place abandoned for a time**

"As you can see I have taken a leave. I am traveling to Pripyat on a pilgrimage for further enlightenment that my position will require. I will return anew, and ready to take on these future tasks. I will be back within the next few days, after I have found the wisdom I seek from the others deeper in the zone. Until then, be safe and vigil, and may the Wishgranter guide your paths..."

**The recording cuts off, the screen asking if you'd like to repeat the message**

OOC wise: Goliath has taken a pilgrimage to Pripyat, if you didn't get that from the message. This doesn't mean I'm going anywhere, it just means I won't be on Goliath for a few days is all. Yaaaay character development!


Yay!!!! fucking coward, running from the fight.
Nah im just kiddin. Have fun! Send post cards!

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