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You walk into the barracks and notice a book on your bunk. You open it up and read the title.

                                                                                                          Duty Protocol

Congratulations and welcome to duty this book will teach you how to properly do things to duty's high standard.

Chapter 1. Drill


Saluting is a form of respect to your higher ups and should only be done in formal events such as Promotions, Special ceremony's and when respecting the dead. At no point do you salute anything below Lieutenant. do not salute when out in the field because it basically signs your officers death warrant ( you do not know who is watching with what high powered sniper rifle)

When not in the field and a officer walks into the room the highest rank besides the officer will yell Group. everyone in the room will stand to attention and the highest rank will salute.

Addressing your officers

When you address one of your officers always use Sir or Mam. Addressing them by their rank is also acceptable if there are other Senior Officers around. After getting their attention and are in the process of talking to them use Sir and mam.

Drill Commands


The position of attention is Eyes front arms directly down your side hands clenched in fists and thumbs covering the 'donut hole' feet should be together and at about 80degrees pointing out almost like a V.

At Ease

The position of At Ease is hands are behind your back left hand over right thumbs folded your feet are separated sholder width

Stand Easy or Relax

the position of Stand easy or Relax is the same as at ease but your hands are in front of you.

Chapter 2. Patrols and Casualties


When patrolling the default formation is Column formation unless told otherwise, leader at the front. the 2IC (2nd in command) is behind the IC (in command) this allows the IC and 2IC to keep in close contact when discussing plans.

Always Always Always listen to your IC and 2IC does not matter if he is the same rank as you or lower the ICs have been chosen by a officer that outranks you and has been chosen for a specific reason. (not listening to higher ups can and probably will result in a PK if frequent.

Dealing with Stalkers or other non duty Personal

when your IC is talking to a non duty personal stay in your position and look for anything that looks suspicious. the proper way of doing this is the 1st person who is not talking is crouched looking left the next crouched looking right and that goes on all the way to the back where the person at the back crouches and looks behind the group.

Casualties and splitting up

Casualties is a natural and obvious part of war. (unless your all on god mode casualties will happen)
Casualties are marked ranging from Minor Moderate Severe and Fatal which involves the soldier evacuating the zone to use a real hospital and never returning or Death (PK)

Minor Injuries

Minor injuries such as bruising and cuts might need medical attention at some point most likely after the fight once the more serious ones have been dealt with.

Moderate Injuries

Moderate injuries consist of Gunshot wounds, stab wounds, Broken bones and Battle Trauma. Moderate injuries it is recommended they return to base to receive medical attention. If there is battle Trauma (Temporary Mental Disorder) Bring the patient back to base it is imperative that you have someone remove them from the battle immediately. It cannot be stressed enough most people when they see their buddy's drop their guns and grab their head, start crying, panic, Extreme shock there not sure what to think of it.

Severe Injuries

Severe injuries consist of Temporary physical disability, Lost limbs, unconscious from blood loss anything that involves the soldier Dying in a range of 5 to 10 minutes Bring them back to base ASAP this might involve assigning several soldiers from the fight to get them out of there.

Fatal Injuries

Fatal Injuries is the worst possible this is the part where the base wont do anything to help. (PK)
At this point of injury remove the soldier from the zone if its this bad bring them to the hospital outside the zone give them your goodbyes and good luck because you will most likely never seem them again.
Fatal Injuries basically mean you are stuck in a wheel chair the rest of your life, your dead or you have been injured to the point where you have to be monitored 24/7 and need help going to the bathroom. AKA Cut in half or Extreme brain damage. (not a good way to go)

Splitting up

Splitting up your group is a good idea if your tracking someone down, searching for something  or dividing up as part of a plan to attack. If your group needs to split up the IC takes control of the 1st group and the 2IC takes the 2nd group. Let HQ know what your doing and both teams report in constantly.

Chapter 3. Physical Training (PT)

PT is part of a healthy life style and is a basic to soldiers. PT consists of            


To do a proper pushup look down and crouch all the way down then all the way up, this counts as one rep


To do a situp crouch face a certain direction look behind you while crouched and go up.

Jumping Jacks

To do a jumping jack jump in the air then crouch while in mid air

Chapter 4. Radios

Radios are extremely important in the field and out of the field. Radios allow multiple units to stay in touch, call for backup, inform HQ of important events etc.

Unnecessary Radio Chat

The radio should only be used for official reasons there will be no personal conversations over the radios the line must be kept free for more important issues.

Mayday Mayday

If you hear Mayday Mayday on the radio immediately stop using the radios unless your the radioman or only one to deal with the problem. Do not joke around about saying Mayday on the radio that words is the "Golden" word and it means that someone is in deep shit.

Talking on the radio

When talking on the radio all conversations will start with your name then the person your trying to reach.

Example: Vladamir Taovonsky to Base over

After hearing a reply then begin saying your message. Remember to say over once your done your message. When the Chat is over the person who started the message will say over and out signaling the conversation is over.

Radio Commands

Regroup - Return to your squad leader
Incoming - Some bad shit is coming
Rosebud (faction name) - secret word for "i have been captured by (Faction)  and am in deep shit)
Halt- Stop
Advance on that (target)- Walk forward towards target
Advance double time to that (target) - Run forward target
Engage - Fire
Mayday Mayday - explained above
Man down - to signal that one of our guys is hit
Target down- the target has been eliminated


A- Alpha
B- Bravo
C- Charlie
D- Delta
E- Echo
F- Foxtrot
G- Golf
H- Hotel
I- India
J- Juliet
K- Kilo
L- Lima
M- Mike
N- November
O- Oscar
P- Papa
Q- Quebec
R- Romeo
S- Sierra
T- Tango
U- Uniform
V- Vicktor
W- Whiskey
X- X-ray
Y- Yankee
Z- Zulu

To properly use this code you make letters by saying the words. A proper sentence would sound like
A geek who doesn't know what hes doing: Vladamir Taovonsky to base over
Base: This is Base over
A geek who doesn't know what hes doing: We just had Bravo Echo Alpha November sierra and are out of toilet paper. we need more immediately over
Base: Roger we will get our military bitches to deliver you some via their Maid helicopter service
(no offense to mili)
A geek who doesn't know what hes doing: Roger over and out.


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Thank you so much Renegade :) I really do appreciate this.
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