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Ministry for Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation

Chap 1: Who are we?
The Federal Atomic Energy Agency was established by Presidential Edict No. 314 of 9 March 2004, On the System and Structure of Federal Organs of Executive Power. The Ministry of Atomic Energy had replaced the Ministry of Atomic Power and Industry (MAPI), which in turn had replaced the USSR Ministry of Medium Machine-Building in 1989. The FAAE controls 151 nuclear production and research facilities.The agency is responsible for the production of all nuclear materials and the development, testing, and production of all nuclear weapons, as well as the elimination of nuclear warheads and nuclear munitions. It is involved in essentially all stages of the naval fuel cycle. In addition, the ministry controls most of the weapons-usable HEU and plutonium not contained in nuclear weapons. According to one estimate, the Minatom agency controls more than 98% of all nuclear materials in Russia. According to one Russian nuclear official, the agency also has responsibility for safeguards in Russia, MC&A in particular. The Minatom group manages the Eleron enterprise, which develops and manufactures physical protection equipment.  Minatom was directed by Yevgeny Adamov until he was ousted by President Vladimir Putin in 2001. He was replaced by Alexander Rumyantsev (2001–2005). The current head of Vladamir Petrenko. (me)
Chap 2: Why did we come to the zone?

Minatom is in the zone for one reason and one reason only. Minatom Legally has ownership over the N.P.P and the zone around it. They are not pleased with savage crazed stalkers and mutants running around in their zone. They do not wish for all of the stalkers to be killed but only for the zone to be empty accept Minatom Workers. Where did Minatom go when reactor 4 exploded?  Because Minatom was responsible for the accident many of the workers were held up in Russian court's while the high ranking officials went into hiding. Minatom Must take Chernobyl back! We wish to continue our nuclear research by first cleaning up the zone and second by getting the other reactors running. Minatom also wants to clean up Pripyat and have a safe clean place for their new workers and old citizens. Minatom clearly states that they are sorry for their accident on the reactor and they only want to continuie their work. "Or do they?" You think about it Do they really want the reactor back? "Or did They Leave Something Behind?"

Chap 3: How are we going to get rid of the stalkers?

How are we going to get rid of the stalkers? Well that's simple ask them to leave...If they do not leave you must be aggressive. Minatom Has two Special Forces Groups that are certified Minatom Agent's with intense and harsh training. The SF squads will only be used for Special Op's Missions which will be decided my Vladamir Petrenko. (me) On our other petty missions and Joint Op's Missions we will hire Mercs. (This will increase interactions on the server and we will not be idle and non interactive "Military for an example!") Minatom will have enemy's such as the rebellious drug addicts Freedom, Savage evil Bandit's, And the Ecologist hard heads who will just not stop researching the zone! Minatom also has some friends Such as the Loners, Merc's who we pay for jobs to be done, Duty to a small extent, And The Great Ukranian Military who are also a Government run organization.

We have new Minatom Special Forces and Leadership ranks available. P.M me if you are interested.
President: Vladamir Petrenko (Killdead 660)
Vice President: ( Looking for Good public speaker and good advice giver. Manages Ceo's)
Ceo: (Looking for a someone who can oversee Scientific  Operations.)
Ceo: (Looking for someone who can oversee Combat operations.)

Special Forces Squads:
SF Squad Leader:
SF Recon Sniper:
SF Medic/Scientist:
SF Support:
SF Rifleman
SF Rifleman:


Military: Friendly++++
Duty: Hostile but will not shoot on site.-
Freedom: Hostile but will not shoot on site. --
Monolith: Hostile STK ---
Clearsky: Neutral
Bandits: Hostile STK ---
Loners: Friendly+
Mercs: Friendly+++
Ecologist: Hostile but will not Shoot on site.-

Thank you HGN! Please no trolling my topic. Shoo trolls!! Get off mah lawn!!!


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Your taking a direct copy paste of the Russian website based on this company, and actually saying your RP character is the IRL leader. No.



Military: Friendly++++
Monolith: Hostile STK ---
Bandits: Hostile STK ---
Ecologist: Hostile but will not Shoot on site.-

That is so retarded, wait so your friendly with military, who is part of a similar organization working for the same country, and your enemys with militarys friends? They protect ecos you know?

And STK on those two factions?
I dont think they would agree with that, its also known as RDM.

Seriously if your going to make a faction, do it properly...


Now get out of here stalker.


I have to appologise but i -Support.

Firstly to do with your relations with factions, you are hostile to the ones military are here to protect, which makes NO sense what so ever. Secondly the Zone is the property of the Ukrainian goverment, and no one els, so you cannot claim to own it. Thirdly i doubt the goverment would willfully allow outside intervention to occur, they would most likely deny you access publicly or extreminate your troops, you'd have to get into the zone like most others, by bribing or fighting your way in.

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No. Layton is correct, you copied all the information directly off of the regular site. Horrible Faction Relatons, and stealing. -SUPPORT
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|HGN-CTS|Afromana: Shoo
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-Support, killerdead why are you making these no-sense factions? Is it post count? It's clearly from their website and makes no since seeing as the Goverment hired Ecologist are working on tasks for "Unlimited poowwwwwer"

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Killdead, dont post unless your going to do something worthy.
Hell i dont even see you RP, so whats the point in making these groups?



QuoteMonolith: Hostile STK ---
Bandits: Hostile STK ---
Yeah, sure, DM them.
And a question: Everytime I look up on the forums, I just see your new faction, what already has -5 Supports... WHY.

killdead 660

Hey dumb fucks the only reason i copied is because thats info. Thats who we are a bio! Dumbasses!

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Copy + Paste isn't for when you're making something like this, it's for quotes, etc, and you have to give credit in the end.


Quote from: killdead 660 on 08-02-2010
Hey dumb fucks the only reason i copied is because thats info. Thats who we are a bio! Dumbasses!
Stop, making, factions. (That are complete rip-offs)


Quote from: killdead 660 on 08-02-2010
Hey dumb fucks the only reason i copied is because thats info. Thats who we are a bio! Dumbasses!
Then make a faction with your own backstory, ranks. Wait no, don't make a faction again.

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Quote from: killdead 660 on 08-02-2010
Hey dumb fucks the only reason i copied is because thats info. Thats who we are a bio! Dumbasses!

Hey relax kid! Seriously .... insulting won't make you look all the way "LOL L00K IR KOOL KID!" So lower your ego please =)

-Support X3 For insulting


Killdead, seriously, there are many factions in place for you to attempt to join, stop raging when people have said no to your faction.
There are reasons for it.
All you ever do is try to create a faction, that hasnt physically been used in the server.


-SUPPORT because you stole so much shit. And also because he died, and you were supposed to protect him =p.


-Support... My reasoning is that it fails on many different levels. (Stolen, DMing of certain factions, Enemys with the people that your allies protect, Ect, ect)
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Oh boy.
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I know this is dead but i ahve to say, this right here.. Is entertainment.
And this needs to be locked.
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What the fuck? Lolol this fail kid that made this fail faction is banned.