Красный Союз (Red Union)

Started by deluxulous, 01-08-2009

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Красный Союз
The Red Union(Красный Союз) is an elite group of experienced loners. They do jobs. They smuggle arms and equipment. They are all business. They are completely neutral to any and all factions. Hostile actions taken against them will have brief retaliation, and should return to neutral status within a day or two. They will do anything. They will get anything. And they will complete their tasks.

Or die trying.

1.) Always stay neutral.
2.) Accept any and all tasks given to you.
3.) Complete the task at all cost. No failure will be accepted. Complete your task or don't come back.
4.) Stay friendly with all members of the group.
5.) Do not steal unless it is your mission.
6.) Do not murder, or attempt to take a life, unless you are endangered, or it is your mission.
7.) Always double-check targets.
8.) If a comrade cries for help, help him/her.
9.) Leave no trace.
10.) Work as a team. The parts of the Hammer cannot operate without eachother.


Applications are closed. Members will be hand picked by me. You must have RP'd with me in-game to become part of the group.
You must be known to me, or within the community to become part of the group. (Suggested post count of 25+)

The Hand
Palm -- (Leader)
Sancture - PistolKid - dcbarker
Fingers -- (Co-Leader)
Prophet - Strelok/Sergei - ???
The Hammer
Handle -- (Officers)
Head -- (Sr.Soldiers)
Nails -- (Soldiers)
Splinters -- (Recruits)

"DarkSun" - Daily Shipment on Contact.



This looks like a good Faction, loner groups could benefit from the arms smuggling.




Faction looks great, And it looks like as a Fast Pizza Delivery, With weapons, and others :D.


+support. Roleplayed with pistol in duty. Epic. I do think though pistol that you dont have much time for a new faction as you play as your Duty at the times you come on, that is not much



This is still fucking up? What the hell? Look at the DATE guys. Sheesh.


Woah... Free extra post? Cant say no.


close down this group already xD
Text Cyric the Archmage.


Locked, since it seems to be dead.