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Started by Yorty, 27-02-2011

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I get it, I'm not the greatest at making organized threads. Imporant part by Tasker down below. Read it.

For the past few days I've been deciding whether or not I want to leave Freedom. It's been a hard choice, because I really can't stand Freedom as it is, yet there's still so much potential. Instead, I decided I wanted to give it my first and most likely last shot at being Leader. I asked Negative Zero for it, instead I'll becoming temporary Ace.
Freedom doesn't need makeup, it needs to have its faced smashed in, then put back together. With this position, I'll be trying my best.

- There's going to be some serious discipline regarding OOC. I know I'm not saint when it comes to the matter, but all the more reason I know better. When something is said about Freedom in Global OOC chat, it's not a rare sight to see a barrage of yellow names following with things such as Smiley Faces, rather stupid "witty" comments, gay jokes, and the like. This kind of crap will be punishable when it goes to an extreme. The same goes for Local OOC chat. Unless it's really funny.
As for IC discipline? Just remember the Radio isn't a chatroom, at least when there's lots of us. If it gets serious I'll have to deal with it. Don't think you wont be dealt with because our member count is low. There's no place for stupidity here. Sorta.

- Now the major change will be Freedom's OOC and IC ideals and base. As it has been for a while now, Freedom is just a bunch of rag-tag Stalkers with the title and powers of a "major faction." Instead, we'll be changing into more of a "Brotherhood", as it's a Stalker clan, not an army. Everything will be based on respect, and there should be mutual understanding between members.

- The first thing I'll try and get to is get as many members as I can online, and strip every piece of equipment they have on them, and their rank. Nothing is set in stone until you've been re-assigned.
On the matter of ranks, the way they work will be changed around. When there's no leaders in the base, go to the person who you respect the most. If they do well, suggest them as an officer.

- Give suggestions. I'll be all ears, and good suggestions wont be left out in the cold. Have an idea? Speak your mind. If you don't like the way things are going, tell me what's wrong and why. If you have something against what I'm doing, say it to my face. You wont be punished, instead I'll take what you say into account. Going around and whispering behind people's back is no way to get shit done.

- Entering and applying for the faction will also be re-worked. If your application says "Pending", it actually means pending. You'll be given a trial, and when I get around to setting up a proper training program, trained ICly depending on your interests.

- The forums will be worked on. The roster will be fixed (Add a difference between LOA and Inactive, fix faction relations, etc), specializations will be tweaked, etc.

- As for the matter of gear. As I said earlier, everything of importance (Not your personal belongings) should be handed in. That means your Primary weapon(s), your sidearm, your suit, medical equipment, etc. Gear will be handed out according to rank, specialization, and the like. We wont give you better guns and suits just because we have them, earn the stuff.

- I'll try and get to my take on the squad system once I get the time, which hopefully will be soon. This is a priority. I'm especially interested in ideas regarding squads. If you haven't read my idea, they wont be as organized as people have tried making them before, because that doesn't work. They'll be loose and made up of people who work well together and have a level of understanding between each other.

- Passive Roleplay, hobbies, and the like will be strongly encouraged. Try anything, from learning to cook for once or relationship RP. If you want to go leave the base to work on something, I'll be open about it. You don't have to sit at a gate all day, or at least do nothing while you do. Build your character, you wont regret it. (Bolded for a reason.)

- Faction Wars. If I get things sorted out and everything works out fine, I'll try and take the offensive. More on that later.

- And last but not least, ranks. As I said, nothing is set in stone, and things should be based on respect.
Ranks wont be handed out like candy, and your rank isn't based on your time spent in the faction. The difference between officers and regular members will also be clearer. For example, the Rank of Veteran isn't directly above Fighter, because ranks wont be straightforward. If you don't want to lead, but you're a good Freedomer, you could be a Fighter forever and still have more respect/be better than that new officer. Hell, maybe I should add another rank for such "Veterans." Or if someone shows exceptional leadership ability, then can go straight from Seedy to Veteran. Ranks will also tie in with the new, refined squad system.

(Edit) - We've also got to get our relations to Stalker, Bandits, and Mercs sorted out. Quit making enemies just because you can. You don't shoot Stalkers because you don't like them, and you don't make dealings with mercs on your own. (Which in fact, if up to me, I'll be doing a bit of.) But if some Stalker starts a fight or acts up, they'll be dealt with accordingly.

So please, tell me what you think, and it'll be considered.

Edit: And this important segment by Tasker.

Quote from: MrTasker
I've been around in Freedom for a very long time, I've seen some pretty amazing characters come and go, and i've seen some pretty crappy ones. The problem is with most of our members currently is that most of you expect to be given everything on a plate, that you don't have to work for it. This is partly the fault of the leaders, for not setting a better example and partly the regular members fault for not taking the initiative. Yorty's point of passive roleplay being your most prime concern, and building up your characters should be your main priority when playing a Freedomer. Having good equipment is all well and good, but when you don't back it up by having a strong character it counts for fuck all. Create some RP hooks for your characters, what do they like? What don't they like? What really pisses them off? What would they fight for above all else? When you've got all these down, and use them regulary when you roleplay your character it becomes a second nature, and creates a more well rounded character, then just Generic Freedomer Sergei Gerkin-123. When playing your character don't just wait for things to happen, MAKE things happen by creating RP scenes and acting out their hooks. Further point, building intercharacter relationships increases the quality of your character exponentially. Be it a loyal best friend, a mutual understanding, or a love interest. You should build up and mantain relationships often. Don't just base your characters interaction on your OOC relationship with someone, you might be buddies with someone OOC but IC your character could think they are a prick, and vice versa.


I like the respect thing I didn't get enough of it Hopefully this works out well.
For Freedom


Quote from: Legit|Brandon on 27-02-2011
I like the respect thing I didn't get enough of it Hopefully this works out well.

...You realize you don't automatically get respect, right?


Mykola doesn't respect anyone in the faction as they are terrible at saving him when he is in danger, forcing him to do it himself. He only respects himself, so does that mean that I only ask myself to do something?
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Quote from: Wolfinton on 27-02-2011
Mykola doesn't respect anyone in the faction as they are terrible at saving him when he is in danger, forcing him to do it himself. He only respects himself, so does that mean that I only ask myself to do something?
Sure, but you wont go far.


I think it's a good idea, if it's done well hopefully Freedom will get back on track.

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Good job Yorty. Taking the initiative to do your best to address visible issues rather than just tossing in the towel. Thats a respectful deed all its own. 
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I recently got into Freedom but i like where this is going.  :)


All the points stated are what I miss in freedom and Why I went horribly inactive (And yes I did throw in the towel but at the time that seem'd like the best solution as I was and still am having RL issues that need sorting) Hopefully all this restores freedom to the way It was when i first Joined. (Well kinda restores it back to the way it was as even then we had issues that I wish not to return lol)
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