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Started by Ace of Hearts, 08-10-2011

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Ace of Hearts

Exactly as the thread title suggests, any important announcements regarding the Monolith will be posted here.

Ace of Hearts

"Phase One", as I've been referring to it, of the Monolith's reformation is completed. The recruitment process is up and running again, and I'll be speaking to the previous members who handed in their equipment about further participation in the faction.


I am assuming Direct control of Monolith.

Please PM me if you have Monolith characters
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Oh boy.
Strap yourselves in, it's time for the great 'obligatory' SRP resurrection of 2013/14/15/16/22


Note: Do not go on Monolith. Unless I tell you to specifically go on monolith. Thank you.
Quote from: TheAndyShandy on 05-12-2013
Oh boy.
Strap yourselves in, it's time for the great 'obligatory' SRP resurrection of 2013/14/15/16/22


Monolith is re-engaged and I will begin re-establishing roster and Monolith forums accordingly. Also we will begin ic incursions shortly and begin roleplay.


No worries people I am still here and I will update the roster soon as I can, the choices are going to be hard for who I am going to pick. I have around 20 request to join and I will most likely question some of you on the case and feel free to message me and spam me about stuff on the Monolith. I will pick around 10 out of the 20 people so you all have fair chance.

Roster template be up then I will also begin adding people to it and so forth, might even make another annoucment stateing all those that have been selected and then begin to prep those selected people.


I have chose the people I will currently have in Monolith, it was hard consdiering the number of people so inforth I have put the others that were not chosen in reserve meaning they will have priority to join if I remove or need someone.
All together now monolith has 16 members including myself.
Remember people keep sending me /pms to join if you want in on reserve since without a /pm in I won't know your interest, I will brief these individuals on Monolith etc.

Chosen 15 members(May seem like a lot but consdiering activity and the situation of members it is fairly chosen.)
Brandon Lent
Steven :D


I have begun the process of going one by one to talk to the members I adcepted to essiental train as well as provided information and further rules to be known to them. On another note I have finished a very basic outline on the Monolith roster, it seems to love to break so if you know how to deal with issues like this SF/me or pm.

Those of you who do not have me on steam you need to add me so I can brief as well as possibly setup inserver and so forth.

You can /pm me on forum so I can try to add you and so forth.

Monolith should be finished within the week and we will begin roleplay on the server.
Main purpose of interview is to tell you how you should roleplay and answer any questions, as well to tell me how you want your character and any weapon specialities you want and so forth.


Some members have been removed so there is some room open if you still want to join. I have several on reserved I will contact if they wish to join, but you still can get a /pm in and join.

Also I should be finished adding all the members onto the roster today and as well with the little interview I will have with each and every member.

Updateing roster as we speak, and remember send a /pm over to request to join or be on reserve if we need members. This is for the Northern join and you will start as a Northern Monolith who has joined the excursion and once we start out the rest of the members we take will be stalkers in the area we have enlightended to join.

Picto Wolf

Ravanger has resigned from leadership of monolith, parties interested in leading the faction should contact one of the RDA's.
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