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Started by Tunddruff, 18-10-2009

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Inverted Sun

There are those who look at the sun, see and feel something odd about it. A sense of fear... danger... Smoke was the first to see this, feel thing, and begin to believe in this. The only thing he could describe it as was: " The Inverted Sun".

Inverted Sun are the ones who see the path. The path the slows not the light, but the inverted light.

Waiting for their ascension, from the sun which has left its mark: The Zone.

1) Leave the Unharmed, Unharmed.
        ·Do not change the way one walks

2) Any provocation should be know to the rest of the Chapter.
        ·Alertness is the best defense

3) No "Raids" Or "Assaults" will ever happen.
        ·We are not here to rule

4) Do your part to help Stalkers, faction, whatever.
        ·This does not mean fighting.

5) Spread the word of the Light; but do not explain its meaning
        ·To do so is to defy the path

6) If help is asked, help shall be given.
        ·Unless they have attacked us.

7) If an attack is launched against us, ask for assistance
        ·But do not back down

8) Your job is what it is. Do not do more then it needs.
        ·Speaker tell people of the path,
        ·Watchers watch people who will be spoke to,
        ·Enlightened are members and offer their help,
        ·Walkers are not members; they seek to be.