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Started by KillSlim, 15-11-2009

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// Guys please get active, it's really boring just RP'ing with the Military these days.

** You see a new cork notice board inside the Ecologist bunker. You walk up to it to see what it is ...
Field Research Team

We are the practical side of the Ecologist team currently deployed in the Zone. We carry out the most vital and yet the most dangerous of assignments. Acting as the Field-Research Team leader it is part of my job to issue assignments specifically to the 'F.R.T.' (Short for Field-Research-Team.)
Assignments will vary in size, importance and danger.
If you wish to participate in an assignment, please pin a response on this notice board.
Remember! More than one F.R.T. member can partake in an assignment!

Other things like important announcements, news and such will be on this notice board; so don't forget to check it every now and then!

** Another pinned document is found upon the F.R.T. notice board.

-The Monolith, Duty, and Military were engaged in a large fire-fight yesterday. The reason for it is unknown, some suspect it was over a rare valuable artifact known as the 'Sunflower'.
The fire-fight has thankfully ceased, but remain cautious; tensions are high between the factions.

-We have a new Pilot and Helicopter! Our previous pilot had gone missing, and we were short of supplies; but thanks to the Military we now have a brand new transport-helicopter and a capable pilot.

** A third document is pinned onto the F.R.T. notice board.


Mapping and photography
-The 'Garbage'. Currently unknown to us, we require photographs of the location itself, along with photographs of the surrounding area, recorded radiation levels, and a birds'-eye-view of the location to make an accurate map.
*Recommend you hire a Mercenary*

-The marsh. Rather unknown to us, we have heard reports of flourishing wildlife in this area. We require several photographs, water samples, soil PH value, and estimated mutant activity.
*Recommend you hire a Mercenary*

Anomaly Analysis

1A.  Springboard
2B.  Whirlgig
3C.  Vortex
4D.  Electro
5E.  Burner
6F.  Fruit Punch
7G.  Burnt Fuzz
8H.  Radiation

Plant-life studies

We require the noted effects upon plant-life in areas of high and low radiation, along with the recorded radiation levels surrounding the selected plant / tree.
Current areas of interest:
The 'Garbage',
The Marshland,
Lake Yantar.

** A fourth document is pinned onto the notice board.
Yes I said it, we need recruited Eco-Stalkers. These guys will help escort us on assignments. Hopefully, they will be armed and able to protect us from any future danger.
If you are a Stalker and interested in joining, please speak to your nearest Team leader!
Eco-Stalker benefits:
~Shelter, Food, weaponry and the occasional artifact in return for work.
~A nice blue Eco-Suit if you work hard enough!

As said earlier, if you wish to participate in an assignment, please pin a response document onto this board.
~Gregorovich Sturmovik
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