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Started by Spades_Neil, 01-01-2012

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Changes now in effect. Unauthorized items may be confiscated.

Due to the concern of too many players becoming too overpowered and breaking the market in the progress, we've decided to assemble an application and list for certain weapons and armor. If you are not on this list by the time these changes take effect, you may have the item confiscated without warning and without compensation.


  • You must have a Fallout admin's authorization, either an SV, an SA, or two TOs/SOs, and proven with screenshots.
  • You must have a legitimate reason for being able to possess this item.
  • You must have the resources to purchase or obtain this item in character or already possess it but are not using it. We will not deliver it to your doorstep with a caravan, so don't ask.
  • You may not sell the item to other players unless they are also a Fallout administrator.
  • You may not abuse the item given to you by lording it over other players.
  • Weapons such as the SVD, Gatling Laser, and Fat Man are subject to strict rules of engagement. If violated, you will lose your rights to the item.
  • High tier armor makes you more powerful, but you are not indestructible. If caught powergaming, you will lose your rights to the item.
  • Any Fallout admin or R.D.A. (like Ace_of_Hearts) can take away your weapon if they have a reason, even if it's a lousy one. Failure to cooperate, no matter how bad that reason is, will automatically make you lose your rights to the item and possibly suffer a character ban if you continue to resist. If you believe the reason wasn't a good one, take it up with a Fallout SV in private messages on the forums.
  • If you stumble upon an authorized item, and you do not apply for it, it will be taken away. You should contact an admin and turn it in if you do not plan on applying. You may even be compensated for your find.

Armor Requiring Application:

  • Enclave Hellfire Armor
  • Enclave Tesla Armor
  • Enclave Mk II Armor*
  • T-51b Power Armor*
  • T-45d Power Armor*
  • Salvaged (Tribal) Power Armor
  • Ranger Combat Armor
  • Metal Armor
  • Ranger Armor†
  • Riot Armor
  • Enclave Officer Uniform

*For faction characters, an app is only required for using power armor that doesn't belong to the faction they're in.
†Ranger donator flags do not require an app for this armor, but you still must be able to buy it in-game.

Normal Weapons Requiring Application:

  • Plasma Rifle
  • Plasma Pistol*
  • Tri-Beam Laser Rifle†
  • Alien Atomizer
  • Alien Pistol
  • Flamer*

*Mr. Gutsy donor flags are excluded from this until Exile implements a proper built-in Mr. Gutsy SWEP.
†Brotherhood and Enclave characters are excluded from requiring apps for the Tri-Beam Laser. They would know how to build it.

Weapons Subject to Rules of Engagement:

  • Fat Man
  • Gatling Laser
  • SVD Sniper Rifle


  • Fat Man may NEVER be used in player-verses-player STK+Gear Return battles since it destroys items, and use in all other combat should be severely limited due to how dangerous the weapon is and how rare the ammo is.
  • Players using gatling lasers may not use their sprint function in combat, and may not use their gatling laser to assault another faction base unless authorized and overseen by Fallout SVs.
  • SVD sniper rifles can be used in STK fights normally, but in shoot-to-roleplay situations, your actions must be roleplayed out over /adverts, OOC broadcast declared IC, PMs (if it's a one-on-one RP), or preferably above all; with an admin helping out with /event commands.

By posting an application, you agree to the terms above.

[b]Steam Name:[/b]
[b]Steam ID:[/b]
[b]In Character Name:[/b]
[b]Item requested:[/b]
[b]Reason for possessing item:[/b]
[b]Proof of admin authorization:[/b]


Forum NameSteam NameSteam IDCharacter NameFactionItems Authorized
ThanatosThanatosSTEAM_0:0:30349766Jordan RedmondNew California RepublicSVD
KetChuupKetChupSTEAM_0:0:17222483Randy JacksonEnclaveSVD
IronDietyIronDeity ]CW[STEAM_0:0:18616412Garret HughesEnclaveGatling Laser
D33tlyD33tlySTEAM_0:0:32143833Kevin ShieldmanBrotherhood of SteelFlamer
KelseKelseSTEAM_0:0:21513525Lilly WolfeBrotherhood of SteelGatling Laser
DarkzerxxDarkzerxxSTEAM_0:1:20067753Halt 'Church' O'CarrickBrotherhood of SteelSVD
pilotmastar891STEAM_0:1:26100133Jonathan RillanNew HavenMetal Armor
(pending)Mr. Cactus(pending)User 550N/ANon-functional Alien Pistol (ICly Enclave prototype)
Nik3nKe_.STEAM_0:0:20251192 'Senka'N/ADesert Ranger Armor (model only), SVD


I'll post for pure sake of example.

Forum Name: Spades_Neil
Steam Name: |HGN-FOSV| Spades Neil
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:30501208
In Character Name: Head Paladin J. Anderson
Item requested: Fat Man
Reason for possessing item: The Brotherhood of Steel possesses a small number of Fatman weapons in the event of an emergency. Only the Head Paladin, Head Knight, or Senior Paladins under direct orders of the Head Knight are authorized for use of this weapon.
Proof of admin authorization: N/A, because I am the admin.

Authorized - Because Neil with it.

Here's an example of a bad app.

Forum Name: Poopshit_Mingey
Steam Name: Poopshit Mingey
Steam ID: i'll get it later
In Character Name: John Johnson McWaster
Item requested: Salvaged Power Armor, Fat Man, Marksman Carbine
Reason for possessing item: Fatman is just a glorified catapult, salvaged power armor is just armor plating, and I found the marksman carbine in a military warehouse I raided.
Proof of admin authorization:

Rejected - One, you're a @#$%ing wastelander! You have no good reason for having any of these items. Two, although Tom is the Community SV, he is not a Fallout specific admin and therefore cannot authorize such things. Three, you failed to produce a Steam ID.

(Special thanks to Tom for helping me make the fail app.)


Forum Name:HitMan5523
Steam Name:☺(H C)HitMâñ☺ -:)SSK(:-
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:17929904
In Character Name:Sfc. Alex Chorei
Item requested:SVD
Reason for possessing item:Since I am the sniper of the NCR, I need a sniper rifle so I can use my sniper abilities to my full potential.
Proof of admin authorization:http://gyazo.com/4fe3cc75b1e9f205255879b2f7955180

Approved - See the engagement rules.
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Forum Name:  KetChuup
Steam Name: KetChup
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:17222483
In Character Name: Randy Jackson
Factions: Enclave
Item requested: SVD
Reason for possessing item:
IC :  Passed down by his dying father, Randy trained every day with it. By now he still uses it to server the Enclave.
OOC : I am the Marksman, obviously I need a sniper rifle
Proof of admin authorization:

Accepted - Only because I know I verbally gave this auth. For future reference get the correct screenshots even if I verbally accept it.
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Forum Name: <-----
Steam Name: dcbarker / |HGN-STTO| hurbah burbah (Deluxulous)Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:926707
In Character Name: Cpt. Chris 'Marsh' Cantato

Factions: EnclaveItem requested: Tri-beam Laser Rifle
Reason for possessing item: Enclave is in desperate need of CQB weapons, and it was decided that I should be the one to use it, because a) I'm an officer and are better trusted with expensive armaments. b) My armor's protection capabilities are handicapped due to the nature of the Mark II armor.
Proof of admin authorization: http://steamcommunity.com/id/deluxulous/screenshot/504640756392769759

Accepted N/A - As of 3/15/2012, apps are no longer needed for the tri-beam in Enclave or Brotherhood.


Forum Name: TheAndyShandy [/size]

Steam Name: |HGN| TheAndyShandy
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace]
Steam ID:
[font='dejavu sans mono', monaco, 'lucida console', 'courier new', monospace][/size]STEAM_0:1:24799584[/font]

In Character Name: Cpt. Richard 'Dick' Matthews

Factions: The New California Republic

Item requested: Flamethrower

Reason for possessing item: Given as during a trade with the Brotherhood of steel, the Flamethrower is in the NCR's armory due to the finding of a miniature nuke outside the town, which was promptly disarmed by the combat engineer and taken the the Brotherhood, the only people that it would be safe with, for the time being. In return, the flamer was given to the squad.   

Proof of admin authorization: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/468611959415371420/88BC89A4C920AA3303F745B0D13DCD04270866AA/

Approved - You might want to turn off WYSIWYG editor in your forum console though.
Warning, this news report contains flashing images.


Steam Name: |HGN| Brandon Lent
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:25572027
In Character Name: Junior Paladin Earl Day
Factions: Brotherhood of Steal
Item requested: SVD Sniper Rifle
Reason for possessing item: Junior Paladin Earl Day has been recently attempting to increase his weapons efficiency with his laser rifle, and has found the weapon hard to use at longer ranges (his preferred range) due to the lack of a scope, though the weapon itself is accurate. He decided to ask the Head Paladin, who has accepted his request to use a marksman rifle, becoming a marksman of the Brotherhood of Steel.
Proof of admin authorization: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/504641303445673758/A7C250C5C6AA4A014A67BF4059202CEE069F5377/

Revoked - No longer a Junior Paladin, chose to transfer to Knight and no longer needs an SVD.
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Steam Name: Gamerhead
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:16415872
In Character Name: Aliex
Factions: Mercenary
Item requested:SVD
Reason for possessing item:I need it for my business, also I am a donator for master merc.
Proof of admin authorization:

Accepted - You know my terms.


Steam Name: |HGN| Harbinger
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:5442731
In Character Name: Jr. Paladin Harlon King
Factions: Brotherhood of Steel
Item requested: Flamer
Reason for possessing item: It is my characters specialized heavy-weapon ICly, after salvaging it.
Proof of admin authorization: http://i770.photobucket.com/albums/xx344/xrayc/Flamer.jpg

Application voided upon leaving Brotherhood of Steel.


Steam Name: |HGN-STSA| IronDeity ]CW[
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:18616412
In Character Name: Sergeant Garret Hughes
Factions: Enclave
Item requested: Gatling Laser
Reason for possessing item: Designated as the Enclaves heavy support specialist during times of requirment of the sheer firepower.
Proof of admin authorization: Teamspeak vocal auth from Spades. (As I was told anyway.)

Approved - Sorry I couldn't get Steam up for a proper app. This will due.
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The Tar Man -:- No Data


Steam Name: Madcombat
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:6108671
In Character Name: Senior Paladin Ray Titus
Factions: Brotherhood of Steel
Item requested: Gatling Laser
Reason for possessing item: Titus has found that his position as a Paladin determines he is more effective close range, he usually utilizes in use of a super sledge for when in close contact, however that does not help him when he needs to take down multiple units/mutants that are close range, for this he wishes to utilize in the use of a bulky heavy Gatling Laser.  Titus has stayed true to the Codex, prehaps the Codex will now reward his dedication to Steel.
Proof of admin authorization:

Extra Info:   If I get this, I was thinking of giving the weapon a name.  Was thinking of "Hammer of Steel".

Approved - See the Head Paladin about procuring this weapon.


Steam Name:D33tly
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:32143833
In Character Name:Paladin Kevin Shieldman
Factions:Brotherhood Of Steel
Item requested: Flamer
Reason for possessing item: The Head Paladin gave it to me for a mission, and let me keep it afterwords.
Proof of admin authorization:



Steam Name: Thanatos
Steam ID: 0:0:30349766
In Character Name: Adam 'Sporadic' Dominika
Item requested:Salvage Power Armor
Reason for possessing item:Our shipment today had two items of armor, but the Enclave got to it, and the only thing left was pieces of armor, which Adam put together and fixed up a new makeshift salvaged power armor piece.
Proof of admin authorization: http://s1095.photobucket.com/albums/i475/Thanatosd347h/?action=view&current=SpadesAuth.png

Application voided - Character no longer exists.

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Marksman Carbines have been rebalanced and no longer require auths.


Steam Name: mastar891
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:26100133
In Character Name: Jonathan Rillan
Factions: Leader of New Haven (Playerbased)
Item requested: Metal Armor
Reason for possessing item: My character in-game is ICly starting to upgrade his army, and to do so he is also upgrading the armor. Although there won't be much metal armor in the army it will be worn by high officers.
Proof of admin authorization:



Steam Name: |HGN| Thanatos
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:30349766
In Character Name: Jordan Redmond
Factions: NCR
Item requested: SVD
Reason for possessing item: Alex Chorei saw Jordan's marksman potential, and gave her his SVD.
Proof of admin authorization: Spades- http://steamcommunity.com/id/Thanatosd347h/screenshot/560944004482881672

Hitman's concent- http://steamcommunity.com/id/Thanatosd347h/screenshot/560944004482879254/?


Meanwhile outside of Leshiy's door.

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Steam Name: Pika Pika!
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:21513525
In Character Name:Head Knight Lilly Wolfe
Factions:Brotherhood of Steel
Item requested:Gatling Laser
Reason for possessing item:Before Avalon, the last Head Knight died he dropped his Gatling Laser down and asked who wanted it, Lilly being the best with laser weaponry and shooting at that time picked it up and the NCR began firing upon us, she fired back, but shortly after Halt ran out and Avalon did not emerge from the base we later figured out that he had been killed in the NCR base, I got promoted to Head Knight and was told I could keep the Gatling Laser.
Proof of admin authorization:


the permaban queen.


Steam Name: elitesoldier666
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41802392
In Character Name: Paladin Matthew Novac
Factions: Brotherhood of Steel
Item requested: Flamer
Reason for possessing item: I nave noticed the Brotherhood of Steel do not have any flamers like they used to so I would like to apply for one based on the fact I'm experienced and know how to use them in a responcible manner.
Proof of admin authorization:

Accepted, just don't turn into Pyro.


Steam Name: nKe
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20251192
In Character Name: 'Senka'
Factions: N/A
Item requested: SVD and Desert Ranger armor.
Reason for possessing item: After moving into New Vegas, Senka's father decided that he wouldn't need his
equipment anymore. So he decided to give them over to his son, who didn't feel like staying in one spot,
but rather travel the wasteland.
Proof of admin authorization:

Accepted with terms - You still have to buy/earn the SVD, and the Desert Ranger Armor will ICly be a "light" variant meaning it has little armor. However you just want it for aesthetics.


Exile, why does middle-mouse-click on "Remove" remove the post? Goddamn it. I meant to hit "Modify" and this happened.

Reapplying on behalf of darkzerxx

Steam Name:Darkzerxx/BlackFox
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:20067753
In Character Name:Sr.Paladin Halt 'Church' O'Carrick
Item requested:SVD
Reason for possessing item:Halt has been a scout as well as a offensive force for the BoS, and Halt thinks having a Svd can both help avoid direct conflict and end it swiftly as well.
Proof of admin authorization:

Anyway, accepted.