[ALL] TK / PK / TI / PI Application

Started by Welshy, 13-02-2010

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If you do not have the correct amount of admin recommendations, your application will be instantly denied.
We suggest an admin watches the RP to act as a witness and to give the all clear. However, if both the Giver and reciever of the Kill or Injury tell another admin or myself that the RP took place, an admin is not necessary. You also need to PM the app to Tom, Commisar Nitro , Duranblackraven Or Goose.

Steam friends name:
Your character name:
Recipient Steam friends name:
Recipient character name:
What server (SRP/HL2/FORP):
PK / TK / PI / TI (Please highlight what you're appealing for.)
RP Reason:
If the kill or injury is temporary, please state how long the period is:
Recommendation proof:

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