Aceon Reborn Administrator Roster

Started by RanmaChan, 18-12-2020

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Title / Position:
Minecraft Username / Forum Username / Steam Username / Discord ID

Head of Aceon, HGN, & Subsidiaries:
SilverKnight / Last.Exile / SilverKnight / Ireheart#8340

Minecraft Server Directors (Managers):
QuinTasin / RanmaChan / CommanderA / Quin#0148

TheLazySamurai / TheLazySamurai / TheLazySamurai / TheLazySamurai#6931

Super Moderators:

Alaizia / Alaizia121 / Alaizia / Alaizia#8145

Trial Moderators:

Events Master:

Events Team:

"If you don't expect gratitude, you'll seldom be dissapointed."


If you think you will make a good addition to the Administration of the Aceon Reborn Minecraft Server, please head over into the applications section and take a good long read over there. Make sure you follow everything written there exactly. New Moderators and other positions will not be filled with people who cannot pay attention to details, or do basic things like filling out an application correctly.

As of right now, YES, we are looking for new members of the team.
"If you don't expect gratitude, you'll seldom be dissapointed."