State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron

Started by Silver Knight, 13-02-2011

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Silver Knight

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See, this is why I am an atheist. It makes everything so much easier because you don't have to worry about your religion conflicting with another. Not to mention it goes hand in hand with cynicism.

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Religion does nothing but create conflict over things that do not exist. In a perfect world religion would exist solely to teach one morality and virtue...but it can't even do that since most religions have vengeful deities that hand out severe punishments for crimes such as "Believing in the wrong version of them". Now that science can explain most of the "unexplainable" things that people created religion to explain for them I think we should just let those beliefs die. We'd be so much better off without Muslims blowing themselves up on every continent because they think the Great Not-There will be pleased. Or if the Inquisition and Crusades hadn't destroyed a fuck ton of knowledge and culture. Or if the Holocaust hadn't killed 6 million people (although that wasn't entirely religion's fault).

Murders committed in the name of religion: Probably hundreds of millions
Murder Committed for Atheistic reasons: Still high but I bet it's less.