Nazi Kids

Started by Dark Angel, 07-10-2009

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Dark Angel

Lately precent of nazi kids rised .



Pff if you treat a puppy as a reatard it will eventually become one. thats all i can say

Silver Knight

What's wrong with being a Nationalist?

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I'd like to get in on some of that action.

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Serious business this is...I can see how this would be an issue in school...with people learning that nazi's are "the bad guys" and these kids would go "HEY!"

Silver Knight

Nazi's were a form of Nationalists, there's nothing wrong with being a Nationalist, people just don't like the Nazi's, because Hitler was the leader of them, and put millions of Jews to death.

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
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Dark Angel

Nah i don't mind killing JEWs they are greedy.


Quote from: Dark Angel on 30-10-2009
Nah i don't mind killing JEWs they are greedy.

I don't think you mind killing anyone.

Dark Angel

Nah that was just a joke >:V I don't like killings >:V


Quote from: Dark Angel on 31-10-2009
Nah that was just a joke >:V I don't like killings >:V
Says the sociopath.

Dark Angel

What? Who is scoipath here?!?!?!


Obviously plunger, No sane man could mistake Lesbian for a sociopath.


I am Nazi i find this racist! Your sick minded!


Nationalism- 1.devotion and loyalty to one's own nation; patriotism.
                2.the desire for national advancement or independence.

Fuck yea, Nationalism and Nazis for the win.


Who's better? at killing jews *joke*

In my opinion Nazis were great back then, now people completely fuck up the idea and reason of the Nazi power.


 Not sure what you are asking(Spell Check is your friend), but simply it is like a virus. You have Nazi parents chances are if they are the major influence of the child  they will mimic the behavior and lifestyle of their parents , taking on their Nazi ways.What ever a Nazi really  does today, other than invading Poland and such, but all that would remain of Nazis is a hate for Jews which I assume is what you are talking about. 

In agreement here. Unless by Nazi, you mean like, an evil son of a bitch.


I hope you all realize that Hitler didn't necessarily hate Jews, he more used them as a scapegoat to motivate people to fuel what was the German War Machine. I mean, could you really blame the germans? After they lost WWI, we made them pay war damages and basically forced them into a depression. Hitler was simply a patriot who did what he believed to be in the best interest of his country and its people.

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The idea of Nazism were around the perfect race aka the german one, and you call nazim something not that bad ? It's full of racism, it was always since the creation of it.


In answer to your question Zstan.

Id rather be a Nazi than a Hajii.
Hajii's are simply idiots "Lets blow up the infidels!"


Well we all forget that Stalin killed more people in concentration camps then Hitler.


We also learned how overdue this topic is for a moving to the scrap yard, unless you guys miraculously bring this topic back to life again.

Bl★ck Star

I'd be like Schindler acctualy if it would be WW2 still


Black Star, if it were still WW2, you wouldn't be talking to us....

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If it were WW2, how the heck did I even get a computer. It would be only used for the military ;/
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Okay, Al Qaeda? Those are just poorly equipped morons with rags wrapped around their head. Nazi's...were Organized.
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