Xaveria Töten, The Brawler

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Character Sheet:
Name: Xaveria Töten
Nickname: Xav

Character Details:
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Berg Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Brawler (Punch Punch)
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 120 lbs

Basic Literacy: No
Demonic Literacy: Yes
Archaic Literacy: No
Mythic Literacy: No

Weapons: Swords, Hammers, Axes, Gloves, Fists, Claws, Martial Arts, Throwables
Armor: Light Armor
Items: Light Items
Explanation: As long as the tool doesn't inhibit here ability to move around she can use it to bash, slice, and clobber. She boasts a very high physical ability and is well trained in a unique Martial Arts mostly lost as it originated in her isolated home town of Berg. The closer the weapon gets to being her fist the stronger and faster she gets. Since she is a Berg Elf she is one of the lowest form of elves only living a few decades longer then the average human and having the same intelligence level on average. Though Berg Elves are extremely hardy and come from cold environments making them generally extremely strong, some legends told by humans even say there were some that could topple mountains.

Weapons: Wands, Staves, Magic Tomes, Bows, Crossbows, Guns, Harpoons, Flails
Armor: Heavy Armor, Magic Armor
Items: Heavy Items, Magic Items
Explanation: Though she is quite versatile in combat even she has limits. Being a professional brawler she never had much need for the arcane arts or ranged weaponry, so she simply didn't put the effort in to learn them. She can easily use Heavy Armor and Heavy Items she just doesn't like to and if it isn't fun or exciting it isn't for Xaveria. She did Flails a try once, but lets just say after one too many stubborn fumbles her face had enough. Even though most Elves are adept at magic being a Berg Elf she gets physical strength instead of magic, giving another reason why they are ostracized by most Elves.

Special Traits:
Brawler: She is quick on her feet and throws a mighty strong punch. 10+ To Punch Rolls
No Mana: She has zero magic capability, and lacks a good understanding of it either. 10- Against Magic
Born Natural: She has a knack for melee weaponry and gear even if she has never used that particular item before.
Endurance: She can take quite a few hits before she goes down.
Blood Manipulation: Berg elves may not be able to use traditional magic, but their blood holds many magical properties that they can manipulate. Since it is almost pure magical energy in true essence other mages can manipulate it to making Berg Elves an easy target for mage fighters looking for blood.

Outgoing: She is the life of the party! Even when there is no party to be had and will not shy from completely overwhelming you with her overt friendliness.
Justified: She isn't afraid to lend a hand, but has a clear set of beliefs and is not likely to betray them even if your cause is obviously just.
Almost Fearless: She fears very little, but the things she does fear are traumatic for her.
Brutally Honest: She speaks her mind, regardless of how rude her mind may be.
Driven: She is always training and working to be the best she can.
Easily Manipulated: Due to years of trauma even though her beliefs may be set in stone she can be easily manipulated through tricks of the mind.
Lost: She just never seems to feel like she truly belongs somewhere, so she has a hard time getting tied down to a place. Regardless of whether she likes it or not.
Wild Card: Other people don't seem to understand her actions very well, making her hard to predict.

She was born in the isolated town in a land far from Iseyu, referred to as Berg. The town did not speak the common tongue and had no outside access due to a large wall that seemed to have blocked their path out of the mountains since before they can remember. However this did not stop Little Xaveria from exploring all there was to see in their small community. As a child she could be seen constantly running around the rocky slopes and climbing the pine trees where ever she went, but in her studies she was not so easily distracted. She has a knack an almost inborn nature to be a fighter and had a physical aptitude more fierce then any other in her town, but she was still young and foolish. Her father was the owner of the Main Hall and also the leader of the village not only making important decisions, but teaching the village the Martial Arts that had come to root after many years of isolation.

The town had one small stone building filled with around 100 books, but all were in Demonic literature. The entire town not only read and wrote in Demonic, but spoke it as well as if it were common tongue. The books were not only a source of history for them, but many had inspired the Martial Arts they had learned to develop and their deep ties with the darkness inside every living creature. Unfortunately with the power and knowledge the books gave the Elves of this town were much more connected to their inner darkness then most, but isolated they were all the same and nothing ever became of it while they were there. However, the seed was there and especially prevalent in the young Xaveria who was enamored in the techniques and stories of the past the books told. She more then anyone else had become one with the darkness making her easy to be manipulated by outside forces of darkness then anyone else.

In her boundless curiosity and boasting of strength on her tenth year of life she went to the wall as was forbidden with some other children of the village. They were wild and yelled about laughing at her supposed strength because someone who spent so much time with books could not possibly be that strong. In her rage she quickly said that she would be the first the break down the great wall that blocked their path through the cave out of the mountains. The children insisted that she didn't and even begged, but she had made up her mind and no one could stop her. So she pounded the wall with all her might and yet it stood still as if nothing had hit it at all. The children were relieved, but began to tease her yet again now believing the wall was truly unable to be broken. This only fueled her fury anymore to the point that the dark energy inside her began to release, not only increasing her strength, but attracting the attention of darker forces that lay dormant in the mountains. She slammed her fist into the wall with all her might and the dark energy rippled out from her punch and shattered the now clearly seen Obsidian Wall to pieces. The children began to scream frantically and ran away at this. Of course now in fear of punishment she quickly followed them.

As night fell upon her town the darkness began to flood into the scent that she left behind, the scent of true darkness. The shadows of corruption moved swiftly and slaughtered the townsfolk in the night as they slumber, leaving only her. She awoke and moved around the closet she had been placed in as punishment in confusion. Even though could not open the door she expected to hear the bustling movement of feet on the pine floor of the Main Hall, but there was only silence. After what seemed like hours her patience ran up and she busted the surprisingly thin pine door to the ground to go in search of her father and mother. Though the horror she found scared her as she looked upon the bloody corpses of her parents. Their throats were cut and they had been mauled and mangled in a way that no animal would ever do. They were also shriveled and dried up like they had been drained of their blood. She knew that this was her fault and that her opening the wall had caused this, but she never suspected that it had been from the power she used rather then the fact that the wall went down. In her pain she sat by her parents side for 4 days and 4 nights in silence and dismay at what she should do.

The opening of this dark energy did not only bring forth the darkness, but brought fourth the corrupted paladin order known as "The Holy Order Of Steel". This paladin order used its power and force to take control of others and collect darkness rather then truly expel it, making the order more of a cover for evil then anything else. When the paladins came they began to collect the books and burn down the village to eradicate any evidence they may have been here, though they were not so kind with the young girl. She was taken away to be used as a slave rather then simply killed, which would of been a better fate then laid ahead for her in "The Holy Order of Steel". She was treated as a slave of all manners, especially as she aged. She only managed to escape on her 18th birthday when she was supposed to be officially wedded to her captor that had found her there eight years ago. In a fit of fear and anger her long repressed techniques came out once more just long enough for her to subdue her captor on their 'long awaited' wedding night as he was distracted by his lust. She ran with all her might away from the order in hope of freedom and a chance to have a life away from the torture of constant service.

After four hard years of travel and constant danger she made her way dock in hope of a new home. The boat she took not only took her far from her troubled past, but brought her to a new land where people from all places and backgrounds lived in a community untouched by "The Holy Order of Steel". This land of Iseyu was a new start for her where she could be rid of past afflictions and have a new life.
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