The Homunculus, Chesh

Started by matter, 03-08-2014

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Name: Chesh

Character Details
Gender: None
Race: Artificially created life-form
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Craftsman

Basic Literacy:
Magic Literacy: Yes

Weapons: None
Armor: Cloth and the Like
Items: Magic items of all kinds

Weapons are used with an inadequate skill
Armor: Heavy and medium armors are too restricting to be used correctly
Items: Any magic that draws on innate mana

Breakdown: At a simple touch and though Chesh can break down anything to it's base components. While this effects everything sentient creatures have been known to survive (You get a roll).

Augment: Being nothing more than a created life-form it is possible to augment Chesh's body with the correct knowledge. This can be used to outfit them for essentially anything the augmenter could think of.

Perfect memory: Able to remember things too a near perfect degree allows Chesh to repeat processes he's seen before and allows them to learn new things extremely fast.

Genderless: Chesh has none of the essentials to reproduce and is essentially a generic human being in all regards.

Weak willed: Corruption is something Chesh often has to worry about as those with more clever minds have been known to twist Chesh to their own devices.

Weak physically: Stabbing something with a dagger is hard enough, don't even think of Chesh wielding a blade very well.

-Fast learner
-Feels little pain

Make me...