Raven; Hawkeyed Rogue

Started by SakikoMiley, 29-07-2015

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Name: Raven (No last name)

Character Details
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Rogue/Sniper

Basic Literacy: Yes
Magic Literacy: No

Weapons: Pistols and Rifles
Armor: Leather
Items: Detection and Evasion boosters

Weapons: Any melee weapons, any magic.
Armor: Anything heavier than leather would slow her down even more.
Items: Defensive or magic items

Special Equipment
Finn - A special customized rifle made from titanium. Highly suited to long range and capable of putting a hole clean through nearly any armor!
Red Scarf - A normal red scarf that hides a hideous scar along her jaw from a fight in the Pit.
Goggles - Iron rimmed goggles she uses when firing at long range to bolster her vision and keep dirt or sand out of her eyes.

Hawkeye - Raven can see much clearer and further than most others.
Stealth - Raven is exceptional at concealing herself, and can usually aim for the weak point when hidden.
Deadly - A single good shot from her rifle can instantly maim or even kill her targets.

Sleepless - Raven does not sleep well, and has night terrors due to her time living in the undercroft.
Slow - Raven is not very fast, and usually chews out her much faster partner for leaving her in the dust.
Itchy Trigger Finger - Raven has a bit of a temper and will shoot someone quite quickly if they push her past her breaking point.