Noir, the Traveling Gem Merchant

Started by Chespinlover23, 02-08-2017

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~Character Sheet~
Name: Noir Aurae
Description: A skilled mage who is also a travelling gem merchant, or so she says...

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Alignment: Unknown as of now.
Class: Mage

Basic: Y
Magic: Y

Weapons: Staves, tomes
Armour: Cloth armour such as robes
Items: Gemstone charms

Weapons: Anything melee
Armour: Metal armour, heavy or light
Items: N/A

~Special Equipment~
Emerald Charm- A gemstone charm that Noir made herself. It seems it was the first charm she successfully made...

Tactical. She doesn't pick fights unless needed, and is careful about what she says to whom.
Skilled. She's studied battle magic extensively [no one seems to know where, though] and she certainly puts her skill to use when needed.
Friendly. It may be from the merchant side of her, but she's always willing to listen to a sad soul in need of someone to talk to, or help others in need.

Mysterious. Everything seems to be easy to tell with Noir, but she's secretive about herself and her past...Could there be something she's hiding?
Fragile. She's not good at taking physical hits. In fact, they are often devastating to her in battle. However, she is good at taking magical attacks.
Prone to thievery. Due to the valuable merchandise she carries around at all times, thieves and such will often target her.

Focus [ANYONE] '+10 to hit for the next attack. If used twice in a row without attacking, it becomes +20. Unique in that it can be used an unlimited amount of times per battle.' {ACTIVE}
Reflect [Mage] 'Reflect a projectile attack back at the opponent.' {ACTIVE}
Memorize [Mage] 'Prepare a spell to cast later at a moment's notice.' {ACTIVE}
Elemental Bolt [Staff] (Effect based on the element.) {ACTIVE} [Ice]
Magic Barrier [Tome] 'Magic shield based on element.' {ACTIVE} [Cursed Flame]

The sky, if anything, will always be full of colour. The deep blue of day, the orange and purple blend of twilight, the night sky, an obsidian blanket with diamond holes. Even stormy skies, while grey, possess a colour.
We could learn a thing or two from the sky.