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Lynnethe Myrith

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on: 03-08-2014

"Don't mistake my kindess for weakness.
I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me,
weak is not what you're going to remember about me." -Al Capone

Character Sheet

Name: Lynnethe Myrith

Character Details (Optional)
Age: Seemingly 22.
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Spellshooter> Light/Dark Deadeye

Skin color : Pale white
Eye color : Pale green
Hair color : Violet
Height: 5'8

Basic Literacy: Yes.
Magic Literacy: Yes.
Elven Literacy: Yes.
Demonic Literacy: Yes.
Ancient Literacy: Taught by Alise Forli. Yes.

Weapons: Light, dark, and regular/neutral magic. Very proficient with guns.
Armor: Light to medium armor. Will not wear heavy armor.
Items: Things that help her magic skill and maneuverability.

Weapons: Clumsy with swords and bows.
Armor: Heavy armor, or anything that will reduce her speed.
Items: Anything she doesn't perceive as necessary.

Special Equipment
The Tappers - A special pair of gloves that pierce and hook into the fingers of the user. It is painful, but greatly increases magic potential. (+5 to magic rolls, -5 to defense rolls)
These gloves were acquired as a gift from her professor at the sorcery college she studied at after graduation, since she was her favorite student. After an incident where her father was severely injured and was at the brink of death, she put these on and used all power she could muster to restore his wounds and ultimately save his life. She used up part of her soul to save his life. The consequence to that would be several sharp pains in her hands due to magic overuse the following months and her lifespan shortened severely.

Touch of Light/Dark - Lynnethe has an innate ability to be able to heal most wounds, major or minor. This ability is greatly improved by the Tappers, but is not necessary.

Sleight of Hand - Lynnethe has quick hands, allowing her to reload weapons fast, and switch between her light and dark magics efficiently and without flaw.

Flit of Corruption/Purity - If Lynnethe stands on Corrupted or Hallowed ground, she gains heightened senses and reaction speed, giving her a great edge in these types of areas.

Frail - Both her low amount of armor and small frame allows her to get hurt very easily.
Grudge - If you piss her off, she will do all she can to get you back. And she doesn't take it easy, either.
Nosy - Her curiosity can get her into sticky situations that probably won't end well.

Focused - She can keep her mind straight, even with many distractions. Very useful in fights.
Lithe - Small frame, light armor, quick feet. Self-explanatory. (+10 to defense rolls)
Magical Prowess - Her mastery in both light and dark magic is not to be taken lightly. If properly performed and landed correctly, it just might be deathly. (+10 to magic rolls)



Taken from: RIFT, Scarwood Reach, Faen's Retreat [Shard: Deepwood (NA)]


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Caphori - Leona Reinhardt
Iseyu - Lyssa Velidrei (MIA), Leona Reinhardt, Lynnethe Myrith
Leikell - Leona Reinhardt, Leone Secare
Safehaven - Silveria R.

I still don't have my bloody Caphori award.

Also, yosakoi.


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