Lodi, the wizard who is extremely tedious to deal with.

Started by JoJo, 28-10-2016

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Character Sheet

Name: Lodi Jiminji

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: (Harry, you are a) Wizard
Alignment: Neutral-Evil
Class: Mage

Literacy (The Words In Books That No One Likes)
Basic Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Emerald Staff, Crimson Rod, (And anything else you're willing to give)
Armor: Hats and Robes
Items: Stuff he happens to pick up that could be useful.

Weapons: Guns, he never was good enough to use them, even WITH the use of his magic.
Armor: Light Armour. He commits crimes, and he needs to be swift. In and OUT.
Items: ANYTHING he finds that ISN'T useful.

Special Equipment:
His Honeycomb. His Pet Bees Are In There.

He gets.... extremely annoying. In some cases..... his annoyance could get him... lets say tortured.
Short-Tempered. Yes, he may be intimidating, but say one bad insult to him, and he goes bonkers.
Daring. Yes, In some cases it could be used to his advantage, but he goes into battle... sometimes unprepared.

Very Smart. He's good at puzzles, and can solve a ton of things.... for a price sometimes.
Can Read. Now, everyone can, but he reads far and beyond things that even other wizards wouldn't dare to. (AKA, Stuff That You Shouldn't Know About, beause its CENSORED)
He is daring, and it could be used in good cases.

Backstory (Skip This If You Want)
Once upon a time.... in a magical land.... ah forget it. Here's what happened.
Lodi was born in a poor home. His parents had to work a ton of jobs, and even in some cases, rob banks in a wizarding town. After his family was found out, they were all put under a curse. They would all turn to slugs 3 days after the curse was cast if they did not make up for their wrongs. Now, they all did everything they could. Lodi, frightened, decided to work hard with his family, trying to make sure he didn't turn into a slug. They made up for their wrongs, and Lodi set off when he grew up, looking for a new home. Along the way, he found a mysterious cave and decided to enter it. There was a book.... a book giving off an extremely dark aura. Lodi, intrigued, decided to open this boook. Little did he know he would not only become a wizard, but also a master criminal. After years of getting away from crime, he set of, on the run. Little did he know he'd run into Safehaven....and thats when he decided... Safehaven would be safe no more.....

Lodi is a wizard who uses his powers for wrong. Maybe you could convince him to turn his ways, but you'd have to be an extremely good souled person... and have powers of your own.