Katai, Cursed Songstress

Started by Chespinlover23, 10-10-2016

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~Character Sheet~
Name: Katai Melodia
Description: A cursed, mute lamia who was once a renowned songstress.
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Race: Lamia
Alignment: Neutral Good [I guess?]
Class: Mage

Basic: Y
Magic: Y

Weapons: Tomes, staves, magic stuff
Armour: Typically none, however if she's getting into a serious battle, she'll wear very light armour.
Items: Writing utensils, planting tools

Weapons: Swords, bows
Armour: Katai can wear heavy armour if necessary, but it restricts movement for her, so she rarely does.
Items: N/A

~Special Equipment~
None at the moment.

-Gentle. As long as you're the same towards her, Katai is a very gentle soul around nearly everyone she meets.
-Fast. I mean, if you had a snake tail instead of legs, you'd be fast too.
-Has a way with words. Katai, though mute and not able to sing anymore, still writes lyrics, and even though she ends up destroying most of her lyrics, those who read them would say they'd be beautiful if sung.

-Mute. Due to this, Katai can't communicate with others normally, even with extensive training in magic to assist in this.
-Shy. Katai, not being able to speak and all, typically avoids situations in which she'd have to interact with others.
-Vengeful. Specifically, vengeful towards the one who cursed her, and has her mind set on somehow breaking the curse laid upon her.

Once a human songstress, Katai was cursed by a mysterious, hooded traveler, who requested that she write a song describing the lamia race, with a final line written by the traveler. Katai accepted, and poured her heart into the song. When it came time to perform, Katai did so flawlessly. But when it came time to sing the final line, Katai stopped, out of breath. The traveler pulled a spellbook and said the final line instead, enveloping Katai in a hazy light. When the light dimmed, Katai's legs were gone, a snake tail in their place. Katai had opened her mouth to question the traveler, but no words came out. She was a mute lamia, cursed to never sing again 'til the day she died. To this day, Katai still searches for a way to break the curse, but with no luck. She now lives in a cave not far from Safehaven, studying, hoping, and wishing for an end to her curse.
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