Kat Drogano the Witch

Started by Purple Bear, 07-07-2015

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Purple Bear

Name: Kat Drogano

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class: Summoner/Witch Craft

Basic Literacy: N
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons:  Summoner/Magic
Armor: Light - Medium
Items: Potions

Weapons: Melee and Guns
Armor: Heavy - Medium

Special Equipment
Raven Staff - given to her by her mother before she passed away.
Unlucky Yarn - Calls her beloved Cat to her.
Blessed Apple - She feeds this to her Unicorn.

Is Feeble and Weak
Does not fit in
Does not get on well with people
Has a phobia of Heights
Is a great Witch, using her magic to create animals to keep her company.
Is very efficient when it comes to making potions.

Kat used to belong to a humble family who lived within the woods off the edge of a Town named Markarth. She lived with her brother and her mother and father, they had a happy live and all was good. Until on Kat's 16 birthday the whole town came storming towards her house with pitchforks and torches. Her mother dragged her out of the back of the house into the woods, leaving her Father & Brother behind to fight off the townsfolk, she never saw them again. Six months later her mother passed and became apparent that her mother and subsequently herself were witches. Her father and brother had tried to defend their secret but it was effortless the townsfolk had turned against her family. She was filled with rage, and set out to reek havoc upon those who murdered her family. Now Kat wonders the wilderness in search of purpose and love...


One of our few summoners, nice. Also Neutral Evil, wonder what she'll end up doing in the world!
Make me...