Kala Wolfe

Started by Ivy_Trellis, 26-10-2016

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Name: Kala Wolfe

Brief description: Kala's parents were both werewolves, though she only ever knew her mother. Kala was born as a werewolf, and transforms every night, instead of just on full moons. Her mother was a powerful sorceress, and taught her much of the magical arts, but she quickly showed a natural talent with swords, and was taught swordplay from a young age by a trusted friend of the family. Her family's condition was no secret at the time, which unfortunately led to her mother's death at the hands of fearful townsfolk, and Kala found herself on the run. After that, she lived alone in the jungle, fending for herself, but came to miss other people. She made her way to Safehaven, where Sonja helped her get settled, and she brought a little bit of the jungle with her.

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 20ish
Gender: Female
Race: Human (werewolf)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Warrior/mage

Basic Literacy: Yes, though she's a bit rusty
Magic Literacy: Yes

Weapons: Swords are Kala's specialty, but she's also a trained sorceress, and she can generally handle herself with anything she finds, even her bare hands, or claws and teeth.
Armor: Heavy armor is best, but anything will do in a pinch.
Items: Hornet staff: Having lived in the jungle much of her life, Kala found that the hornets could be friendly, if raised from a young age. Thus, she has a pet hornet she sometimes calls Debbie.

Weapons: Kala isn't fond of guns, but will use one if she has to. She also tends to avoid using silver weapons, for her own safety.
Armor: Silver armor is uncomfortable for her.
Items: She isn't fond of silver.

Special Equipment
Moon charm/moon shell: She's a werewolf, transforming every night, and under a spell that transforms her when she's swimming.
Kala uses crimson armor, the health regeneration bonus acting as part of her werewolf regeneration.

Werewolf: while she never goes out of control, her instincts are strong, especially on the full moon. People may fear her, and strike out at her. This is her biggest fear.
Skittish: Kala is terribly afraid that if her secret gets out, it may lead to her demise as it did her mother. Combined with her enhanced senses, this can make her a bit jumpy.
Reckless: In battle, Kala is strong, but tends to worry a bit too little about herself, depending on her strength and regeneration to keep her safe.

Werewolf: Kala's "curse" gives her impressive strength, speed, agility, and even regenerative abilities, leading to impressive prowess in battle, as well as stronger senses than a normal human.
Loyal: If you earn Kala's trust, she will happily protect and help you in what ways she can.
Friendly: Even though they make her nervous, Kala likes people and wants to make friends.
Brave: While she may be a bit high-strung, Kala is not one to shy away from battle, especially to help and protect others. In fact, it gives her a rush she quite enjoys.
Open-minded: She doesn't judge a book by its cover.