Jacob Blight, Outlet of Souls

Started by NightingVale, 07-04-2014

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Character Sheet

Name: Jacob Blight

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Eladrin
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Gate - Serves as a power outlet for angels/souls/demons/whathaveyou and can bind one self to angels/souls/demons/whathaveyou for long-term usage of abilities/powers/magic/whateveryoucallit. Proficiencies are based upon the soul he is bonded to. Currently is bonded with a mercenary soul.

Basic Literacy: Y
Elven Literacy: Y
Magic Literacy: Y

Weapons: Jack of all trades, master of none. Leaning more towards light-to-moderate guns due to soul he is bonded to.
Armor: Light or moderate weight armor.
Items: Frostspark Boots - A decade ago, had a bond with an eccentric wizard who insisted on him digging up the wizard's grave to wear his old boots. They still smell slightly of the dead.
Band of Regeneration - Can latch onto other souls to assist him in regenerating his wounds.
Sticky Bombs - Always keeps some on hands to get out of/in to buildings made of strong material, such as prisons or vaults.
Winter Cape: Bought it off a merchant when he was traveling through the taigas, having bonded with a traveling merchant soul.

Weapons: Tends to stay away from heavy weapons and flails unless the soul he is bonded to uses those.
Armor: Anything heavy, like turtle, hallow, adamantite, etc. etc.
Items: Nothing, really.

Special Equipment
Nothing, yet.

Antisocial: Inefficient worker when working in groups, and tends to stray off and do his own thing.
Temper: Can get angry quite easily if you know what to say and depend on the soul he's bonded too, can be angered extremely quickly.
Blunt: Tends to speak his mind no matter what, even if it is a sensitive/important matter, and can get him into trouble.

Quick Thinking: Can quickly react in a surprise situation, rendering attempting to surprise him extremely hard.
Smooth Liar: Can often lie his way out of situations, not usually getting punished for something he did.
Unnoticeable: Often tends to stay in the backgrounds and shadows, not talking much and thus surprising others when he speaks up. This helps him hide among most environments rather well.

This is WIP, as I have to post this in a hurry. Will edit later once I have time.
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seems good, ship it :D