Faction Rules*

Started by Syndraell, 16-01-2015

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Creating a Faction:
A faction is considered a group of 3 or more people who have an Identical Goal or Ideal. A faction can be created without asking a Mod.

Faction Bases/Guild-houses/Outposts:
Provided a Faction has at least (5) Members, they can attempt to acquire a Build Permit. A build permit is supplied by a Moderator. (considering a fee with in-game coinage)

Faction Area Control:
A guild can take an Area under it's control, provided it meets the Requirements.
-winning 3 battles in a row
-buying out an area
-destroying a stronghold or taking it over in a siege (destroying player beds)

Faction Wars: A faction War is a Roleplayed battle between 2 or more factions. The battle process will be used with the /Roll command, from seeing which faction goes first, whether or not a hit is successful or blocked, or if a critical blow is landed.

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