Reinhard Landrich

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Reinhard Ebbo Landrich

Allegiance: Imperial Kingdom of Aridell

Status: Dead

Reinhard is a 23 year old Aridellian knight who currently lords over the Wellhaven settlement. Coming to wealth through his family young Reinhard longed to make his own name for himself. The Landrich's were never a family in which it's members had to worry about poverty, struggle, or danger and as a result Reinhard found his life dull outside his knight's training throughout his childhood. After leaving his family home and serving in various Aridellian conquest he eventually decided that if he truly wanted to make a name that eclipsed the reputation he was born with due to being a Landrich he would need to venture to new lands. So on his 22nd birthday Reinhard set off to the border lands with a small retinue of combat trained servants in search of gold and glory. Stopping at the small town of Griffin's Landing he set off for nearby Wellhaven, named for an Aridellian explorer. From here Reinhard, with the help of his payed servants, built his home on a low lying rock of the Jerral Mountains. As other travelers came by, mostly Aridellian or of similar cultural and racial decent, young Rienhard helped fund and protect their homes. Eventually these homes grew into what's currently known as the "Wellhaven Villa".

Reinhard is well trained in combat and when the villa is in danger he's usually one of the first men on the scene. He wears mail armor and a great helm with a gold trim. His primary choice of weapon is a one handed broadsword with a mace and shortsword on his belt as secondaries. As a hardened veteran and knight he's very formidable.

Being a well fed, wealthy young male Reinhard is less prone to sickness and keeps a strong physique.

Reinhard is benevolent to a greater extent than most Aridellian lords. However he still sticks to the feudal system and doesn't take kindly to those who try to usurp him from his seat of power.
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