Flint Flamestrom

Started by Jemmerl, 12-05-2016

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Faction: Podzemnyy (Leader)

   Flint Flamestrom is a 'dwarf' with a love of the underground. Choosing not to spend much time above ground with hunting and exploring as exceptions, he spends most of his time hollowing out a labyrinth of rooms and tunnels for his home and fortress. Flint is reclusive about his past, never telling much of his old life. He does admit that he might not be a true dwarf, rather a shorter fellow with a love of the underground. With exceptional skill in most metal working activities, he likes to work a forge. Flint tends to wear plain steel with no decorations, being a rather simple fellow. Interestingly, he does have an uncanny liking of flowers, specifically Blue Orchids.

"Yeah, I like mining, what'd ya expect?" -Flint Flamestrom
"Man who runs in front of car gets tired. Man who runs behind car gets exhausted." -Confucius

I am also in a strange mood. Give me resources or I kill myself.