Erhardt Von Lohengramm

Started by DasHeadCrap, 16-05-2016

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Erhardt Von Lohengramm

Allegiance: Imperial Kingdom of Aridell

Status: Alive

   Erhardt Von Lohengramm is a 29 year old Aridellian politician. Hailing from a wealthy family with a father whom holds kingship and a family legacy that dates to the formation of Aridell, Erhardt has big aspirations to continue his family legacy. While his five brothers went to be trained for knighthood Erhardt's father knew that the battlefield would be a waste of his sixth son and instead elected to train him in the art of governing and policy. This came naturally to Erhardt and by the age of 15 he was already a lord in one of his fathers villages. Through a hard work ethic, economic genius and a knack for persuading trade deals and the like with the local barons. Erhardt's village grew quickly and by his 23rd birthday it was a booming trade town with a population of around 1,500 people. From here it was obvious Erhardt was going places and he left governing the town to pursue higher political power. By the age of 25 Erhardt had secured a job as a trade ambassador to the nearby Kingdom of Azmura and quickly grew popular among the traders and lords alike.  At the age of 28 Erhardt grew interested in the Aridellian and Azmuran expansions westward into the sparsely populated rural lands of Aceon. Wanting to leave a legacy of his own Erhardt worked his way into the role of the Aridellian ambassador to Azmura in Aceon and remains in that role to this day.

Erhardt isn't good in combat as he prefers to have trained himself in the art of political warfare instead. However he's usually guarded by around eight soldiers at the embassy.

Erhardt is an interesting Aridellian in Aceon as he doesn't answer to Reinhard Landrich at all. In fact they've fought verbally quite often and disagree on many issues. Erhardt answers to the Kaiser of Aridell and the Kaiser alone as his job is to negotiate relations with the Empire in Aceon. His job does not concern him with Reinhard who he thinks of as a "boyish pretty Fuhrer".

Officially he's referred to as "Herr Lohengramm" or simply as "Ambassador Lohengramm".
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