What is 7E9?

Started by Gustavio, 18-02-2009

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Some may be wondering what the hell is 7E9.

You may skip everything below and just know that this is an RP Gamemode base that will pretty much superseed Cakescript.
For those who wanna know more, well, read on.

7E9 is what the GMOD RP community has been needing for a long while, not DarkRP, not Tacoscript, not Cakescript, not an edit of either, but instead, a system that is

* Easily moddable
* Not HL2RP
* Themeless, truly themeless, not halfway there.
* Uses MySQL, and uses it for all data
* Optimized, lagless and easy to read
* With enough features to be set up in a few minutes.
* Dynamic enough to handle any theme with little to no effort from the developers

7E9 will take a more economy based approach, which I believe is an undeveloped area in RP and has the potential to become very interesting, and that could bring in lots of creative ideas without the need of having an actual political background set (Money makes that happen anyway).

Now onto some features.


Banks, unlike TacoScript, that had one single banking entity that had infinite funds and that could lend you forever, 7E9 will have an ample selection of banks (That could even get to be player controlled, but maybe later) that give you different interest rates, and offer different accounts. The most basic thing about banks is the ability of having accounts, namely two which are the most important ones, a savings account and a deposit account. A savings account is one that just serves the purpose of storing your money, and that gives a small payout for the time you have on that bank ( This is called interest ).

The other account, the deposit account is pretty much a basic one that just stores your money. However, this account allows something your savings account doesn't, and that is being able to use it without having to withdraw cash from it. Namely, allowing you to use a credit or debit card.

Credit and Debit Cards

They serve the very simple function of allowing you to pay without cash, there's a clear difference between the two. A debit card is like paying with money from your account directly, and it also allows you to take money from ATMs. A credit card is something more complex, it allows you to pay, just like cash, but without actually spending any money, the credit card allows you to pay something by quotas, like, instead of paying it entirely on one sitting, you do several payments over time, with the difference that you have to pay with interest. Although this allows buying of items, there is now another system for selling, or most importantly, adquiring, that is.


Manufacturing is basically the production of items. This isn't like it was with most script's crafting, manufacturing can't be done by people alone. Manufacturing is done by a corporation, on a factory dedicated to that. Manufacturing is done by queues, meaning, you put one item to be manufactured, you bring in the materials and the blueprint of the item, and you're charged a certain amount if the factory isn't yours. There will be a certain time until the item queue has finished manufacturing, and then you can deliver it to your corporation's storage, which also takes time and money. Unless you start...


Investments include mining operations, oil fields, building factories for your corporation, buying transport lines that deliver faster. Investments are things that cost you money, but may help you adquire more money in the future. There's a special kind of investment though, one more interesting and less personal one, that is...


A stock is, put simply, money that you invest on someone, so that someone's corporation can grow and get better, then be able to pay you back once they start winning more. Stocks are risky business, but it is one excellent way of making a living out of doing nothing, or to get a corporation started. A growing corporation may be easily be able to pay you multiple times the amount you invested on buying shares for that company, while a decaying one may mean a waste of money. It is important to have previous knowledge of a company before investing, to prevent wasting money. Stocks and shares are very important for the field of...


Research is basically improving something that already exists. Research takes alot of money and time to do, so this is not something you can do if you don't have an already successful company. Research is however, the key to success if your company sells only one product. By improving something that already exists you can sell it to a higher price, and motivate people to buy your updated product instead of other dated versions. Research needs to be done in a research facility, it takes alot of time and money, but the results pay out more than industry. It is also possible to buy your own research facility, and drastically reduce the time and money necessary for it. Research will be made possible by the use of item templates, and lists of upgrades, so you'll be basically able to create your own items.

Roleplay Features

Chat will be heavily expanded on, dynamic spreading, which is basically how speech spreads through air and how it can't be heard through walls and such. It is possible to actually set to a certain degree how loud you talk (Limited obviously). Speech isn't sent as yelling or whispering, but different sizes of text, leading to a better, graphical representation of volume changings. This is toggleable though, to prevent annoyance. OOC will be handled through IRC, allowing for simple moderation, and ease of use.

Clothing Mod

This will be expanded upon, allowing for not only parenting of objects to the character, but actual limb replacement and dismemberment. This is very prototypical, but it will include a full drag and drop VGUI, given that the feature is finished.

Generic Theme

Much like Cakescript, there's no set theme for this script. It uses schema files, however it doesn't use the team approach that Cakescript took. Everything theme related is easly editable through one single master theme file. Features can be easily added upon due to a plugin system, that unlike other plugin systems, works with folders, meaning that literally anything can be added with little to no architectural changes. Plugins are also not just loaded, but included, meaning clientside files are inmediatly added, and files are called upon gamemode loading.

MySQL and data saving
MySQL will not only be a handy way of saving information, it will be entirely dynamic. Items and such will not be static Lua files, but instead SQL data. This will work by using templates, all functions will already exist, allowing for in game item and weapon creation, enabling the research system to actually work. It will also be threaded, meaning it will be even faster than just regular MySQL. It will also not require a previously made database, all shall be handled with queries, so the game will inmediatly add the fields it wants

And what this system won't have:


This isn't World of Warcraft, it really brings nothing to character development, and infact, it actually worsens it. It's a pretty horrible idea all around, competition in RP should be more like real life ( Money, money, money )


Gangsters? Gundealers? Are you fucking serious? No, what's the point of that. You don't get a screen where you select the outcome of your life, or do you?

Magically appearing money/guns/benefits

No. However, this doesn't mean paydays are gonna dissapear, or spawning with guns for that matter. They will come out of corporate funding and item stashes, nothing will appear from thin air

Sooner or later, I'll expand upon how will this ideas be made.


Ohh, hey again Gustavio, glad you moved over.
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Nice to see you here. Add in permanent door owning. Make it like actually owning a house, and make no tags for it saying who owns it and have no title for it.


sounds really badass, I like that :)
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Yes very nice.


This, sounds like the best idea of a RP i have ever seen! I hope you don't give up on the script like some people do...


Quote from: Molested Rubber Ducky Nice to see you here. Add in permanent door owning. Make it like actually owning a house, and make no tags for it saying who owns it and have no title for it.

Well, I had an idea for corporations that can actually buy a door, and they can charge you a certain amount if you rent it and you're not on the corporation. If you belong to the corporation that owns it, you can freely enter it.


Wouldn't this actually be very, very laggy?

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Quote from: Dark Assassin Wouldn't this actually be very, very laggy?

No, since I use threaded SQL queries. That, put simple, means that queries made to the database stack up and get sent instead of just sending everything at the same time, reducing bandwidth usage to a minimum.

Also, unlike Tacoscript, I'm not using networked strings at any time. As well as I transfered every usermessage to the new datastream using JSon.

Trust me, I know my networking. Nothing is laggy if optimized well. The only problem that would arise would be with 64 player servers, which would require a beefy box to run anyway.


Update on this plox?
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This would be Ideal for The Medieval RP.If only someone can implement manufacturing,clothing and research
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Quote from: Molested Ducky on 18-02-2009
Nice to see you here. Add in permanent door owning. Make it like actually owning a house, and make no tags for it saying who owns it and have no title for it.

yeahhh, make it so the doors are super expensive though, like 80k or 160k OR not do it at all :)

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Reminds me of creation, other then that failed horribly before it was out of beta.
perhaps this will be better and actually succeed in what its doing.

Thom's Law
"Nothing can not produce something. If there was ever a time when there was nothing, there would STILL be nothing."