Exicstar rp/ gamemode

Started by woodfin, 08-06-2009

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OK need mappers, coders and modelers.

Out side the arena its RP in side its a TDM gamemode.

One planet, the last  planet like earth, a alien race has told the human colones who ever wins the torrent gets the planet.

I am planing of putting a site up unless, HGN wants to use it on there forums. you must choose your own models we will not give you a hand full for your team and say "pick".   


Now...That you changed the subjest...If you dont like the arena...Fine dont come to the arena 80% of the people love the arena! And have fun whatever the hell your talking about.
Freedom all day BITCHES!


What exactly is this? Some new RP? Link me to the rest of the information, please.