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[SRP] PK|TK|PI|TI Applications and Roster

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Roleplay

Are no longer needed. Auths from 2SV's OR 2SA/1SV (NOT 4SA's)

Permanent Kills
Character / Player Name

Abyss/Mist - Zaki
Kiera Vossex - [KM]The Gahmoora
Father Three Peices - Ravanger
Wine  - Zarrick
Nikolai 'Groza' whatever - Clutch
Romeo - FunkMound
'Mute' - Grammar Officer Sno
'Claymore' - Rook/DTRZ
'Hawkeye' - Zen
Vladimir 'Jackal' Dardy - Arex/Ares
Kronus - |HGN| Mango
Devinci- |HGN| Steven :D
Wilhim- Whyku
JErimiah- Taylor
Xaco "Fossa" Drubich- Taylor
'Haste'- Rarr?
Fellow - Ravanger
Chalky - Dark Scar
Sabre - IronDeity
Alex Groza - Farmer Brit
Mykola  (Wolf) Budny -  [VGN]Wolf SLA | KK
David Star - Blake - (Revoked -Tom)
Zegorg Yokavo - Skybroke the hood rat
Zakev Putiv - Freestalker
Alexander Arseni - Hitman
Observer - |HGN-STSA|*InsertJaplettershere* DarkAngel
Frost - Blake
Adam Chronovich - Brandon Lent
Temporary Kills
 Character / Player Name / Date Start - Date End

Permanent Injuries
Character / Player Name / Injury

'Dragon' - Headcrabs - Hearing loss in one ear. Equilibrium is lost due to wound.
Mikhal Tokerov - IronDeity - Left arm blown off in explosion.

Temporary Injuries

Character / Player name / Injury / Date Start - Date End

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    [SRP] Special/Female/Non-Ukraine/Russian Char applications.

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