The Pheonix City Community Mapping Project

Started by Jazer, 19-02-2010

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Before going into details, the motto of this project is: "It's your city, you build."

I will not be making a Pheonix RP map by myself. Two reasons:

1. I don't know what you want.
2. I can't make exactly what you want.
3. I don't have the time to.

- What does this mean?
    + Does not mean that there will no Phoenix City Roleplay.
    + Means that you must build it to make this happen.
    + Collaboration of all your work, together, in one city.
    + When you roleplay, it will be your city, not my map.
    + Dream of that corner coffee shop? You get to make it this time.
    + You get what you want, because it's your city.

- What will I do?
    + Placing your work together, optimizing, and maybe touch up on some things.
    + Coordinating efforts to accomplish goals.

- How will this happen?
    +Submit your work here in this thread with your name on the RAR or ZIP file.

- Requirements?
    + You may only use CSS or Half-Life 2 content (no EP1 or EP2)
    + You must have basic mapping knowledge.

Any questions? I will be cutting ths short due to school. Expect me to touch up on OP later.


FFFFF, time to learn mapping again, I sucked at it last time so I gave up.


I'll be more then happy to help.