The National Hobo

Started by Szenti, 24-01-2010

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The National Hobo
James... After he lost his job, he didn't have any choice... He couldn't get any jobs... No one wanted to help him... Neither his family, or his friends... After this he started wandering around the city, searching for food, or anything whats useable... At a day, he found a crowbar, he couldn't believe that... He did sell it for a great price, around 3$. He did even deposit that money to the bank, hoping it will increase to like 300$.

He did set up a small camp by metals, woods, what he could find in the city. He started begging, asking for money, food, and he got a few times... And a few times not... He found a few other hobos who were begging, so he asked them if they want to beg with him.  They didn't really accept in that, but after a small thinking they started begging with James. The people gave their money to James usually, the other hobos wanted some of that too, but James gave the 2/3 of the money to them... The hobos started liking James, he was like a father to them. James has a hobo family, but as he says:
"Its better than nothing."
One of James trusted Hobo is Thomson, Hes sharing his food always with James.


The National Hobo(s):
James Matat - Szenti
Thomson - Klp

The Hobos:

1. Never spend your money.
2. Beg always.
3. If you get in a job, don't act like you know everything, do mistakes, etc.
4. Obey for the National Hobo, and MAYBE you'll get aided by him.
5. If you get much money by begging, or selling something, share it with the other hobos.

I had to make this faction, it will be Neutral to everyone, till someone robs us (LOL) we will beg for money and others.
I'm still making it, but today(24 January, Sunday) I don't have much time.
Going to update it again soon. ( P.S.: In Hungary "Matat" is the word for searching )
You will be able to apply OOCly, and ICly, IF our faction get accepted.



Good RPer and what the fuck ?
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