Rules of this section

Started by Tea, 12-01-2009

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1. DO NOT put youre own "[BUY]" topics here, if you want a peice of property added to the buy list, pm me or ask me in game.

2. DO NOT put youre own "[SOLD]" topics here, i will do it for you. If you have any co owners, tell me and they will be added to the "Owners" part of the topic.

3. No shit posts, they will be removed.

4. If you want to buy property (If you have the full amount of cash required) contact me, we will then meet in game on my real estate character and ill show you around the property.

5. You cannot "claim" property, you must buy the property to say it is yours.

6. All property bought is PERMANENT, unless you dont use your property or rp with it, it will be repossessed by the Phoenix City Council.