Pheonix Map Thread

Started by Silver Knight, 22-01-2010

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Silver Knight

The Pheonix Map is going to be a huge map, rivaling Evocity, and yet maintaining this with less lag, and less resource useage.

Mappers on this project:
Dark Angel

Interiors List (There's too many to list, alot of residential stuff)
Police Department
Movie Theater
Shopping Mall
Pheonix FM
4 Dragons Casino
Squeeky Clean Company

It will use teleportation systems, for entering most buildings in game, which essentially cuts down how much players render, removes the lag generated from player spawned props and keeps everything optimised. With this method of mapping we can develop a fully functioning city without many limitations that might normally set back other maps. Due to most interiors being teleportation, things like window and other onlooking things, will not need to show the contents of the buildings, so less brushwork would be needed to accomplish things.


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Might I suggest a Club or Casino? Could lead to some interesting role-play for the criminals... And a fun time for regular people alike.

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Suggestion- Could add a hotel? For people who don't have enough/don't want to buy a house, it would have a few rooms and you'd rent a room for 1 day, at a affordable price


The plans look like GTA SA PD
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Alex actual moving train that hopefully won't lag you when you're on it?