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Started by Silver Knight, 18-01-2010

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Silver Knight

What is Pheonix City Roleplay?

Pheonix City Roleplay, was a previous project we did in early 2009, centered around city life, it was aimed at recreating Grand Theft Auto Roleplay inside gmod, but was canceled to help maintain Stalker.

In Pheonix City roleplay, you have the chance to lead a life, what you do with it is your choice, you could join the police force or the FBI and play out your time as either a fighter of justice, or a bent cop or perhaps you would prefer being part of a mafia, a crime syndicate or just part of the criminal underground as a whole.

It's truely up to you, hell, you might even want to just go sell fast food at some store! If your into that kinda thing.

What is Pheonix City?

Pheonix City, is a rather large city, somewhat like New York, but mostly aimed at a "Vice City" kinda style of theme.

Things you need to know:

Every person in Pheonix City has a passport/citizenship documents, you need to obtain a driving licence before your allowed to legally drive, if you don't have one and your caught by the police, expect to be jailed for sometime.

Your Passport:

When you enter the game, you will have to complete a quiz, the information is on the HGN forums, this quiz is for players to aquire citizenship, and their passport, if you fail the quiz, you will have to retake it, you cannot enter the game without a passport.

Your Driving Licence:

After you received a passport, it's time to get a driving license. You can apply for a license test, by filling an application for the Pheonix City Driving School (PCDS).During your tests, you need to traverse two lessons, which cost 50 bucks $ per exam. After passing both trainings, an examiner will take an examination with you, which will cost 70 $. If you shouldn't pass the lessons / exam at once, feel free to repeat it.


You can buy your own houses in Pheonix City, once you own a house, you own it for until you sell it or if your not on the server for two weeks you will lose it. When you own a house, you can do what you like with it, you can lock your house, rent it out so others can use it in your absence and set various options.


In Pheonix City, you can buy up buisnesses which earn you money overtime, although it is rather expensive to buy up a buisness, you can make a fair amount of money from owning a buisness.


Hourly Paycheck
Every hour, all players online will recieve money, about 1000 each time, a nice substantial amount of money to help things get along, and a sort of reward for playing.

At random every one or two hours, a briefcase will be spawned on the map, if grab the briefcase, you recieve 1000 Dollars, but the catch is, you have to deliver it elsewhere, and anyone after that briefcase, is going to want to take it from you, you will also only be able to use pistols, it's a heavy briefcase afterall.

Something ive always found fun, everyone getting in a vehicle in a arena or some back ally, and smashing each other until your the last man standing! These events will be done with admins, since they are the judges, just incase someone decides to cheat.

Flag Based Jobs
Police Officer (Uphold the Law!)
FBI Agent(Investigate to your hearts content)
Store Merchant(Start your own store)
Military(The homeguard, mostly just sit in there base, and are called in to backup the police sometimes)
Driving Instructor(Part of the PCDS, get paid to teach people to drive.)

Potential Jobs (Scripted)
Prostute(If your into that kinda thing)
Garbage collector(Go collect bags of rubbish, get cash for doing so)
Postman(Send mail to peoples doors)
Mechanic(Repair cars)
Showroom salesmen(Sell Vehicles)
Car Thief(Steal cars)
Drug Dealer(It's a profession in it'self)

Every civilian can become a taxi/bus/limo. To start mission you should find the changing skin place at airports and stations. Use command /DRIVER to go on duty. Every driver can set his own fee. Just use command /SETFEE [AMOUNT]. Citizens can also buy limo or taxi to start their own private business with their own cars. For this cars works the rule of cars ownership and driver skin. So you can deliver your limo but be sure you can start a job only if you have a driver's skin.

Paramedics can heal all other citizens: police officers and criminals, gang members and civilians. But they cannot heal themselves. From every heal of citizens paramedics get a salary. Paramedics should always be in ambulance. When client gets in as a passenger, medics use the command /HEAL NICK. Only when both, paramedic and patient are in ambulance , this command will work. The skin of medics you can get at the hospitals. Go inside and type /MEDIC, which will lead you to the menu of medic skins. Medics are the same citizens and can be suspected for doing crimes. Note also that the emergency call does not suppose you can ram every car you see with the explanation "I have to be fast"...

If you are smart and can handle weapons pretty well, this job is meant for you. You will be contacted by the hirer, who will set you as a hitman to kill someone. To set a hitman, use "/sethit [hitmannick] [victimnick] [amount of money] [reason]". To accept or deny, use "/accepthit" or "/refusehit", respectivily. After you accept the hit, you're allowed to kill the victim. Reward will be given once the victim is dead. NEVER accept a hit unless you are sure it wasn't abused by the hirer. More Hitmen commands can be checked at the commands list.

Don't care if your job puts your life in danger as long as you are well paid? In this case, you could be a bodyguard. Bodyguards role is to protect their boss, no matter what. The job can be offered by the command "/setbody [nickname] [money]" and accepted/refused by "/acceptbody" or "/refusebody". If you accept to be a bodyguard of someone that is wanted, keep on mind that you will be suspected as well. More bodyguard commands can be checked at the commands list.

Other (Stuff you can create on your own)
Gangs(Grove street for life fool)
Mafia(Start or join a mafia group)
Hobo(If you don't want a job)

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
breslau: period


Everything here I hope will get done :) Sounds like an epic idea


Can't wait for Tunny and another person to act like hookers again :D


Wait, they haven't been already?


Amazing, I'm goign to be trying to help this out as much as possible.
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* Akira smells LOLCOPS.


I have an epic scenario lined up for this RP when it happens.
Get the police in over their heads!


Oh epic, I've always wanted to RP a detective/FBI dude. :D


Can not wait, gief nao....


/votecop.... wait WTF


Lol, it made me a bit iffy when you suggested an actual flag for hitman, but I'll probably end up being one if you make it >.>. Can't wait for it, I love you SK.


I remember there were 3 black hookers on the server once, and one of them got hit by a car. I was the paramedic at the time, and I came to help her and they were screaming "OH LAWDY SHES DEAD, OH LAWDY LAWDY."

Best rp I had there :V


So if i was to make an anti black gang... would i get into trouble?


KKK ftw. *Ahem* I mean...bad Jackal, bad.


Someone could make the KKK, Jeeze, all of them were either cops, hookers, or hanging around the KFC. XD

Silver, if you need any help let me know as well :D

Silver Knight

Quote from: Fluffy on 20-01-2010
Someone could make the KKK, Jeeze, all of them were either cops, hookers, or hanging around the KFC. XD

Silver, if you need any help let me know as well :D

There's no kfc in evocity 2 sadly, but if i get some more mappers to help out with interiors for Pheonix, we will have our own map before no time.

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
breslau: period


If I go street racer, will any of you guys join me?
Im talking *COU-Illegal-GH* races.

Cops not allowed.
"Is it just me, or have peoples' hands been growing out of their asses lately?"


K, my guy's name is Ching Yang and I'm gonna have a super-modded Preis.


This will be fun, hope to be able to play it soon.
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I wish someone would make a drift car for gmod.
Would be so fun to drive.


Quote from: Chaos on 24-01-2010
I wish someone would make a drift car for gmod.
Would be so laggy to drive.


Dark Angel

Yesterday Sakaris released SCars.

Check them out on youtube if you want.


Quote from: Dark Angel on 26-01-2010
Yesterday Sakaris released SCars.

Check them out on youtube if you want.

Must use on Pheonix RP


Anyway, it'll be nice attitude and good RP as always.
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