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Pheonix City Police Department

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The Pheonix City Police Department (PCPD) is the police department of the state of San Andreas. With just over 100 officers it covers the whole state and is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States.

Ranks and Listing

PCPD Chief
PCPD Deputy Chief
PCPD Captain
PCPD Lieutenant
PCPD Sergeant
PCPD Senior Officer
PCPD Officer

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  • why the hell did you do extra information
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Reply #1 on: 18-01-2010
Do what :D


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Reply #2 on: 18-01-2010
Do want* as well. Must has... must... so I can have this scenario.

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Reply #3 on: 18-01-2010
Is it possible to join this early?

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Reply #4 on: 18-01-2010

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Reply #5 on: 19-01-2010
Can we make a more detailed thread about the Police..
Considering this will be one of the major factions.

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Reply #6 on: 29-01-2010
It will all become more detailed in time, as the gamemode is polished.


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