Method X

Started by Goose, 23-01-2010

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Method X

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Made Men(5)



Specialty Jobs


Background Story
The life in Cuba was hard. Drugs, and gangs where everywhere. The streets were a mess.
The only choice was to learn the traits or die from starvation. Upon getting a successful drug ring working.
They were being hunted by the government for crimes of drug dealing,assult,and robbery. They fled cuba making there way to
Phenoix City. Once there they established new identities and started their own crime ring with the knowledge they have aquired from
their time spent on the streets of cuba.The crime ring got bigger and bigger, Turning into a full Gang, Called the Method-X.
The gang became a known gang, Infamous by the government, Making them another public enemy of the city.

Job Descriptions

Boss- There is only one position avaible for the boss,The head of the gang does what he wants, incase of his death family member or General will step in
General- The closest to the Boss, Can do everything of the gangs doings, Mostly Manages the Members,there is also only one postion avalible
Lieutenant- Can help in Fights and Wars, Can Mug, Can Drug Deal, Can do Jobs for the Boss, And can help with Business, can also lead small group of Gangs of up to 4 people,Three positions are availible
Made Man- Can help in Fights and Wars, Can Mug, Can Drug deal, And Help the Boss with special Jobs, Five Positions availible
Soldier- Can Help in Fights and Wars, Can also Mug and Drug Dealing, there is no limit to the amount of Soldiers.
Thug- Only help in fights, Not wars, And can mug,there is no limti to the amount of thugs.

Specialty Job Descriptions

Pimp-Controls the Hoes and the Money earned from Pimping, He gives the money earned to the Boss.
Hitman- The ones who professionaly remove Ex members, or any others.
Medic- Is there to tend to wounded members.
Mechanic- Provides vehicles for get aways, and other jobs.
Bodygaurd- Protects the Boss,General, and any high ranking members.
Conartist- The made man of the Business and Money, He is usually tricking people for money.

1. Listen to your higher ranking.
2. Do not kill any of our members, Or we will pop ya ass.
3. Try not to gain to much attention by the cops, Or we may have problems..
4. Do not ask for promotions.
5. Do not take money from our business for your own profit, We will find out if you do, And it will mean death..

Drug Dealing
Illegal Business
Loan Sharking
Illegal Casinos
Black Mailing
Identy Theft

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