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Everything started to form in the early 1960's when the Italians started to port drugs into America. The Italian Mafia started the cocaine import, and it got sold into the streets of America. Big money was in movement, and the income was a lot bigger than the original paid price. A few guys from Chicago saw the opportunity of getting a piece of it all, and started a organization under the cover up name Maximus Inc. Maximus Inc. was a security firm, which installed security-alarms into stores and larger businesses. But mainly it was just a cover, so the cops didn't notice their huge income in the following years.The leaders of Maximus Inc. started 'The Levine Crime Organization', which took part in weapon and drug dealing. They got their stuff from the Italians, and passed it through into the streets in Chicago.

In late 1970's they began to expand. They sent a friend from Chicago to Phoenix City to get their business on weapons and drugs going there as well. They had to buy a warehouse to begin the drug and weapon operation going there. As the business became a success in Phoenix City, they decided to build another crew in Phoenix City, under the original Levine organization. They set up a crew which included all the business partners within Phoenix City. The Maximus Inc. cover up was doing well, and the income was going smoothly. The Italians provided enough weapons and drugs for Levine to go deep underground and do business with even legal figures. Some of the officials were already on the organization's payroll, and they were safe around their block. However, there were gangs around in the poor streets of Phoenix City that weren't too happy about Levine's prices on drugs. And so the gangs started a war on the Levine organization. Although the war meant nothing. The men at the top of the Levine organization were untouchable. Which meant if someone even laid a bad finger on them, they could get whacked. If someone spoke to them with disrespect, they could get whacked. If someone tried to kill them, they would get whacked, along with their friends. While the lower ranks were the dealers, as well as the business-figures. The tops had to hide their identity, as if they didn't want anyone to even know that they are alive.

In early 1990's, the police hit down on Maximus Inc. The papers for the business weren't all clean, and they suspected blood money, which they did find. A lot of associates got caught, and their pictures were all over the newspapers. Some of them even started to talk. The sweeping of the money and talkative associates started in 1991 and lasted until 1996. They got rid of all the associates who knew more than their own good, before they showed up to court. It was as if they just fell through the ground, and never to be seen again. The remaining members of the Levine organization vanished after the big police-case towards their business, and the police thought they left the state. They didn't, however, they just started to lay even more low. Started to pick out their associates really carefully. If the police got another chance to take them, they would take them all, and not let anyone out of sight before it was all done and clear. The Levine organization couldn't risk that.

In the late 1990's the organization in Phoenix City had to expand. They were running low on workers, and even a street gang could wipe them out of business. They called more Italians over to Phoenix City. The Italians got in touch with the organization again. In just one year, the family was big enough to start up their business once again. Until the bad news came again. The year was 2010 when the family boss died. No one caused the death of Mr. Levine. He died because of age, and lived his life as long as he could. As the father dies in the family, the son takes over his position, and Michael Levine becomes the new head of the organization. The organization was now under a new leadership, and they were ready to strike hard. The new boss wanted to get rid off all the problems they had. Associates who like to talk, cops who were snooping around and business-owners who didn't pay up their share. They started to buy more businesses to get a higher legal profit, and kicked up the weapon imports as well. Hopefully the organization hits the top again, and without problems...


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Joining The Levine Organization

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We might however open an OOC application here, if we're in need of members. You will see the application status here.
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If you make this then leave it to die then I will be extremely disappointed in you..

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Why leave it to die?
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Quote from: Sickness on 19-01-2010
Why leave it to die?

*Cough* Chernoybl Shadows *Cough*

He's saying don't let it die.


Im more focused onto Phoenix RP, than Chernobyl Shadows, but I'll take care of CS.
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Wow, that is epic. Alot of effort put into it, good job.


Can't wait to get Phoenix RP going all the way.
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Cough, Surtech copy, cough.

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