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Green Peace. (Anarchist Group)

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Do you hate the goverment because they suck? Are you in a bad mood when you see police-cars? Do you get angry every time they hit down on us citizens? be none of those anymore! Join Green Peace today and do a difference!

We do lots of stuff like...

Protesting. They gotta feel that we will stand up to them! Those pesky's sit and clap their hands together while the rich get rich and the poor get more poor. We wont accept this crap!

Doing stuff! Yea we do stuff like.. Spreading the influence of the true stuff like... Setting goverment stuff on fire so the rich get poorer and the poor get richer. Yea!

Join Today. And do a difference!


(We dont have ranks because leaders suck!)





To Do List

Block Police cars.

Burn Police cars.

Besmirk Govermental buildings.

Throw eggs at FBI Building.

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This is gonna be epic, +support

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Get out of here you fucking hippies!

-support, you dirty hippies.
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Personally I see this as an excuse to fuck around and troll, it can be plainly seen that not much effort was put into the application. -Support

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