Crimes and Times

Started by Who Dares Wins, 10-01-2009

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Crime and Times


Indecent Exposure: $20.00
Lude Gesture: $30.00
Verbal Assault:$40.00
Loitering on Government Property: $50.00
Illegal Parking: $60.00
Illegal Shortcut: $50.00
Illegal Parking on Government Property: $70.00
Illegal Parking at the Bank: $100.00
Use of Hydraulics on a public road: $60.00
Reckless Driving/Speeding: $30.00 - $80.00 Suspension of your license
Reckless Endangerment: $100.00 Cancellation of your license (if in a vehicle)
Illegal Racing: $100 Cancellation of your license
Illegal use of Nitros Oxide: $100 car impounded and Cancellation of your license
Trespassing on Private Property: $80.00
Trespassing on Government Property: You will be arrested
False 911 Call: $100
Possession of Illegal Weapons: $120 removal of your weapons and weapon license, if you do not have a weapons license, that?s a felony and you will be arrested. Your weapons permit does allow you to have a concealed Deagle, 9mm, Shotgun, and Rifle. There may be no attachments to your weapon (hence it does not cover a silienced 9mm, or sniper rifle). Also if the firearm is not listed here it is not legal. Your weapons license allows you to carry it, it does not permit you to brandish the firearm in public.

Felony Offences:
Manslaughter: Accidental killing of another person
Attempted Murder: Attempt at taking someone?s life
Conspiracy to Commit Murder: The act of plotting to murder
Assault: Issuing a threat with the means to carry it out
Battery: The unlawful touching in a non sexual way
Battery with a Deadly Weapon: Causing injury with a weapon, or vehicle
Armed Robbery:Seizing property using a weapon of deadly force
Robbery:Seizing property through violence or intimidation
Extortion: Acquiring money, property, or services by use of intimidation or other acts.
Forgery: Copying objects or documents with the intent to deceive
Obstruction of Justice:Interfering with a government official(s)
Bribery: Offering services of any item in the return of influence or actions of a government official
Perjury: Lying or making false statements in a court of law
Conspiracy:An accusation backed up with proof that a suspect may commit a crime
Accessory: Assisting in the commission of a crime, but not actually partaking in the unlawful activity
Aiding and Abetting: Participating in the commission of a crime
Hit and Run: Colliding with someone, their vehicle; then leaving the scene without consulting that person
Grand Theft Auto:Hijacking a vehicle without consent from the owner
Evading: Leaving, running, or escaping someway in the attempt to elude an officer (if your caught evading police in a vehicle you will lose your driving license and be suspended from driving)
Arms Trafficking: Selling illegal firearms
Drugs Trafficking: Selling illegal narcotics
Prostitution: Exchanging sexual acts for valuables or common currency
Failure to Comply: Not complying or listening to a government official
DUI: Driving Under the Influence of alcohol/drugs
Unlicensed Driving: This will also attract a $100 fine, and if you have a suspended or cancelled license, it will be cancelled again
Brandishing a Firearm:Displaying a firearm in public
Illegal Purchase of illegal Weapons: Purchasing illegal weapons
Failure to pay a given fine: Not paying a given ticket, you will be jailed

The following crimes are the only crimes that are punishable by a prison sentence. You should never jail anyone if they have not committed the following crimes. Also there must be a Sergeant or higher online at the time to authorize the jailing.
First Degree Murder of a Police Officer: Five hours in prison
First Degree Murder: Two hours in prison: Premeditated murder. You must see the murder take place.
Second Degree Murder: One Hour in Prison: Murder that was not premeditated or that was not witnessed but upon a check on the person, they are wanted for Murder
Attempted Murder of a Police Officer: One Hour in Prison
Kidnapping: One Hour in Prison: Capturing or detaining a person against their will.
Rape: One Hour in Prison:Forcing another individual to perform sexual acts against the persons will.